The first Watch Dogs was one of the first games I bought for the PS4, and the best I can say about it is that it is the best thing I’ve ever done… mediocre. It was your typical Ubisoft Open World game: without nice side effects, with a pleasant atmosphere, but at the same time with an unbearable plot and a terrible main character. I stopped caring for him as soon as I beat him up and made sure I ignored what happened to him a few years later. But for some reason, the minute I heard about Watch Dogs: The Legion and its history, I knew I wanted to know more. It seemed too brave to be true.

Then I played the game at E3 2019, and to my surprise it was one of my favorite demos of the whole show. As his lift service promised, I can actually talk to anyone in London, give him an order and add him to my team. I could literally play as any character in the whole game, be it a tramp, an old woman or even a member of a rival faction who might be forced to join our cause. Originally scheduled for March, the game was postponed until October to get the Ubisoft Toronto team back on its feet after a terrible reception at the Ghost Recon breaking point. A wise decision. The Legion ended with surrender.

The proto-cybernian version of Mary Poppins …directed by Edgar Wright.

One of the best things about guard dogs: The Legion is his attitude. The game takes place in the London area shortly after it was attacked by an unknown terrorist group that eventually accused an old hacker group of the franchise company DedSec of hacking the game. The city is now fully occupied by a shadow and a violent private military enterprise that has imposed martial law on its citizens. As one of the few remains of the DedSec, your mission is to recruit new members, find the real criminals and rid London of the corrupt authorities that control it.

The installation is perfect. I can’t complain about London coming back soon, with cars parked next to the old Aston Martins. There are commercials that are worth seeing. British trombones like Feel Good Inc. and Rockefeller’s Whore are on the radio. People spend their whole lives on social networks and DedSec can leverage their most intimate secrets. The game is based on a great story, but in true style Ubisoft can not compete when it comes to telling a really interesting story as such. It’s no big deal, but let’s just say it’s not very memorable. And no, it’s not because he’s got the wrong protagonist.

Find a new recruit, go to Winchester, drink a cold beer and wait for it to explode.

In fact, this whole game, because everything lends itself perfectly to such a power game on people like Watch Dogs : The legion. There are no randomly generated characters like the hilarious AI named Bagley, but they are no longer secondary characters. Once again, Ubisoft’s game has managed to gather the largest number of supporters in the world. I like that you’re a bunch of normal people trying to fix your town. Even if you play for the characters created by the algorithms (seriously, one of my characters was a Nigerian who spoke fluent Albanian), you end up getting in touch with them. You’re the main characters in your story and no one else.

As for the gameplay, Ubisoft does not lie, you can really play like everyone else, as long as you can convince them to join your cause. Each character has a few meters that show how easy it is to choose. Some people can be recruited by proxy, just like my boyfriend/boy/son is part of DedSec, so I can join too. Others join your team as you talk to them and perform a simple mission as a favor, such as rescuing a dear friend in a prison camp.

It can’t be London. There’s too much sun.

There are also more complex signs. Many people in London actually believe that DedSec is responsible for the attacks, so they need to be persuaded to change their position. For example, you can prevent a family member from being beaten on the street. Releasing their territory is another option that will improve DedSec’s reputation. You can even do it with gang members and malicious PMC soldiers. With their skills, they can be valuable members of your team, allowing you to get into restricted areas without fear of getting caught.

Each character has its own possibilities and specific advantages. Attracting a contractor means you get free access to a huge mobile construction drone. It may seem pointless to attract celebrities, but they can give you an extra bonus for your cash flow. The opposite can happen if you hire someone addicted to gambling. Athletes are healthier, amateur boxers can cause more physical damage, etc. It is very important to always pay attention to everyone who walks on the street. You never know, maybe Lambeth’s homeless guy has a shotgun that could be useful in a tougher combat scenario.

Excuse me, ma’am, but where the hell did you get an electric grenade launcher?

Although you can literally ride giant drones and set explosive traps at the push of a button, my favorite is a brand new spider gadget. With his help, I could easily destroy an entire enemy fortress without being noticed. It is a small spider-like robot that plugs itself into ventilation shafts, chops up clamps and knocks down enemies with a powerful shock attack in a very scary and extraterrestrial way.

A beautiful and daring addition is Permadon here. If you want to make the game a little more complex and interesting, you can add a permadat point, that is, after the character is killed in the operation, it disappears forever. If you lose all your characters at the end, the game is over, then start again. This allows you to be much more careful, complete missions and feel even more connected to your characters. It’s not that this game is complicated (you have a healthy game), but it’s still a good extra challenge, and I strongly recommend playing the game while it’s in progress.

The shooting technique isn’t that bad. On the other hand, the driving mechanisms are absolutely poor.

Only for other franchise games: Keep an eye on the dogs: The Legion is installed in a geographically inaccurate version of the actual location. All of London’s major attractions, such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Camden Market and Battersea Power Station can be found here, but on a more compact and compressed map. It’s not too big or too small. It’s a map of a decade, not filled with size symbols like in the previous Assassin’s Creed games.

There are both side effects and bonuses to clear the areas, but it’s not as boring as in most of Ubisoft’s open world games. It’s one of their few games where having fun is actually more fun than they have quests like in Far Cry 5. After all, I wanted to do missions to attract more members, as if I were playing an even more British version of Pokémon Sword.

Some sick recruit.

But it’s far from the perfect game. As much as I loved guard dogs: The legion is, even more than expected, a game with a handful of problems. Fortunately, almost none of them were the result of a questionable design choice, except for the key arrangement that was originally confusing (restarting with Y? Really?). Although there are terrible driving mechanisms one can get used to after hours of wrestling with the sensitivity of the analog stick.

Most of my preferences stem from the fact that this is a next-generation game at all costs, which runs on the current generation of hardware. The Xbox One was already painfully unavailable in 2013. So you can already imagine how difficult it is to start a game with such a complex coding as this one. But it’s very nice, London is extremely detailed and clear, even though the resolution is not quite the best, and it stutters quite often, not to mention the fact that the whole game is inaccessible. My suggestion would be to wait for the release of the PS5 and Xbox X series and then play Legion on those consoles. But it’s still a blow to the old equipment.

I love a spider so much.

I knew Watch Dogs: The Legion would be interesting and entertaining, but despite the fact that I already had high expectations, Ubisoft managed to surpass them. It’s one of their few sandbox games where gambling is legitimate entertainment. It’s a game with bold principles that actually leads to results. Ubisoft’s decision to report Watch Dogs: Legion almost six months to polish was a wise decision. Most of their problems are the result of Xbox One’s insurmountable capabilities, not errors or design options in the live service. Watch the dogs: The Legion is not perfect, but it is by far the best franchise there is.

This is a next-generation game running on Xbox One. Considering the hardware, this sounds very impressive, but the frame rate stutters quite often and the resolution is not as high as one would think. An impressive number of ways to defeat your enemies, whether in violent battles or various hacking techniques. However, the game has a strange layout of the keys and a terrible driving technique.
Very good soundtrack, even though you can hardly hear the songs during the ride because of a bad mix. There are excellent performances of the main formation. The voices of the heroes range from decent to loving. Even though the story isn’t very interesting, watch out for dogs: Legion has a well thought-out world to explore, excellent background tuning and truly exciting and innovative mechanical loggers. It’s just an explosion, which is not the case with most Ubisoft games.
Phrase: 8.5

Watch the dogs: The Legion is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The PS5 and Xbox series X versions will be available from November.

Review on Xbox One.

A copy of Watch Dogs: The legion was made available by the publisher.

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