One of the surprising successes of this year’s E3 was the title of Ubisoft Rollerblade Team Champion. Clear comparisons have been made with the popular Rocket League series, which turns out to be the target model.

Ubisoft hopes that the scooter champions will become the father of their swans, thanks to brand and license agreements. Export is the main activity in the development of modern games, and this will not be the first game developed with this in mind.

So do scooter champions have what it takes to enjoy the longevity of the Rocket League? Apparently it is.

Rocket league and export

Exports are a growing market, recognised alongside traditional sports for the younger generation. Some sports clubs in the real world have even set up export teams with the club brand.

Roller Champions Could be the New Rocket League

Especially in football, where European power structures such as PSG have created professional export teams. It is expected that many other clubs will follow suit. As far as the airports are concerned, drug addicts report that Real Madrid will be the next big club to make the leap to the airports.

Games that simulate real sports and team games are the two most popular sports models. There are exceptions to this rule, such as Dota and the League of Legends, but it is a general rule of success.

The market is dominated by fighting games, sports titles and team shooters. The Missile League has set a new standard on the field by hitting different categories with a touch of action. It’s about being a team and following the advice of real football.

Roller Champions Could be the New Rocket League

The craze for loaded vehicles instead of traditional players has made the Rocket League an escape route. Ubisoft benefits from a similar model to Roller Champions, a powerful team version of the Roller Derby.

Roller Derby

Roller derby is also a thriving sport played mainly in the United States. Although the sport is already more than 80 years old, it only began to gain a foothold in America after reconstruction around the turn of the millennium.

The game consists of two teams of five active players and ten reserve players. He played roller skates and banquets that looked like a velodrome. A player is a designated silencer, and scores points by overlapping the opponent’s blockers.

It’s a complete contact sport with all the blockers trying to get the opponent out. The original embodiment of this sport which, like the WWE, was created for sporting entertainment. The contests are written with theatrical tricks for maximum fun.

Roller Champions Could be the New Rocket League

But the sport underwent a renaissance in the early ’00s, retaining the remarkable costumes and nicknames of the players, but with a revival as a sport. Today, rolderby is mainly a women’s sport, with more than 4,700 clubs, mainly in the United States.

In 2017, when the rules were laid down and the first World Roller Games were held, it became a recognized world sport. The organisers are currently negotiating with the Olympic Committee, which could lead to the presentation of the rolderby at the 2020 Games.

Roll Master

Ubisoft uses a thriving niche and sport and plans to mount the dildo with the official start date of 2020. The design is very similar to that of the Rocket League, up to the blue and orange team colours and the Rocket League logo.

Roller Champions Could be the New Rocket League

Aesthetically this goes against the thin line of plagiarism, but that’s where the comparison ends. By adjusting the rolderby model, players now score points by throwing the ball into the goal at the side of the arena.

However, before the team can score a point, they must complete a full circle in the arena in possession of the ball. Which is a lot harder than it looks. The games are divided into cooperative 3v3s, with the ability to pass, jump or dodge, while the opponents try to get you out of the game.

As soon as the house goes from hand to hand, the team has to start its circle again in a fascinating concept with a very high ceiling of competence. Early reports of the E3 have already mentioned the Roller Champions as the successor of the Rocket League. At the same time, the game was very well received for its gameplay.

Roller Champions Could be the New Rocket League

The free demo version is now available on the PC, and the full release is scheduled for early 2020.

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