Since the Halloween parties this year are still small (and too old to get cats and treats), I decided to cheat myself, and not do my spy act. Horror movies scare me, I can’t see gremlins or even get a Hebie Jibie from the Grinch. I admit it. I’m a little scared. But I really like Halloween and this time of year. So when I realized that there was still a lot of candy and the contests were perfect for Halloween, incredibly scary, I was so happy to be in seventh heaven! Now I am very happy to be able to cuddle myself on the 31st (hot!), eat too many bites and play those scary games. So if you’re in the same boat as me or if you want to entertain the kids, look no further! Here are some useful games with Halloween events and some scary offline games that you should play this Halloween season.

Animal crossing: New Horizons – Halloween Event

Nintendo was very mysterious about Crossing Animals: New Horizons Halloween event. So mysterious that the players had no idea what the seasonal event would bring, and many even wondered if it would happen!

But just when everything seemed lost and Halloween was cancelled, Nintendo accidentally decided to cancel the fall update. And what an update! The introduction of real pumpkins, new eye and skin colors, Halloween costumes and scary furniture are just some of the features that were considered during the renovation.

* If you haven’t scared your island, it’s not too late! * * Here are some island melodies and flags, pumpkin stains and design ideas that will inspire you before Jack returns.

Slightly Spooky Games You Should Play This Halloween

Explore your island at least on the 31st from 5pm to midnight to take part in dark jokes. At 5 p.m. the islanders gather in a beautiful and sinister place. They’re also visited by Jack, the Halloween King. If you spoil Jack’s sweet tooth and give him candy and lollipops, you’ll get a terrible reward.

Wallpaper – Halloween event

Earrings are described as agriculture, a collection of living creatures and a game of urban life, where you build your farm, make friends with civilians, grow earrings and dance. The developers and publishers of the independent game Glumberland have worked hard to make this luxury game as good as possible. It is interesting to note that they have already published a first version of Ooblets in July this year. Glumberland has discovered that there are many unfinished and wobbly games in the game and that players may encounter various errors. However, this is to be expected for any game in order to have quick access to it.

What’s the connection to Halloween you can ask? Well, already in September Ooblets published some very interesting tweets about the next game update. These messages were about a new area (called Nullwhere) that players can explore in the 0.4 update. Spoktactic images of Nullwhere are tweeted below, which confirms the update of Ooblets Halloween.

Did anyone else make it to Halloween?

We are preparing to finalize our first major content update for Ooblets, 0.4 :

🦇 𝔑𝔲𝔩𝔩𝔴𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔢 𝔘𝔭𝔡𝔞𝔱𝔢 🪦

There is a whole new region to explore:

– 14. Vacancies (@ooblets) September 2020

Fast forward to October and the fans have (damn cool!) the scared jump:


The 0.4 Ooblets NullWo update is FREE!

Explore new regions, find new flights, learn new recipes and use

– 14. Vacancies (@ooblets) October 2020

Update the Nullwo alive!

To visit the world of Nullwhere (and hopefully not to be too afraid), you can download Ooblet’s early access for $24.99. The game is currently only available for Windows, but Glumberland hopes to release it on other platforms in the future.

Night in the forest

Night in the Woods is an independent adventure game with a fall theme. In this game, you can see the former mining town of Possum Springs, which once collapsed. After the protagonist, Mae Borowski, leaves college and returns to her hometown, she finds things as dark and hopeless as ever. But this time it’s even worse. When autumn turns into winter, Mae notices strange and erotic phenomena. And there’s definitely something in the woods. This charming game with a beautiful soundtrack and fascinating story is a must have. Night in the Woods can be played on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, Android, Macintosh and iOS.

A 40% reduction on steam is currently available for a night in the forest. Until the second. In November, you can get it here for only $11.99.

Research assistant: Mysterious time

Described as a cross between Harry Potter and the crossing of animals, Konami published Magic Quest: Mysterious times for Nintendo DS in Japan on the 12th. November 2008. The 11th. In May 2009, a cute game appeared on the shelves in the United States. The magical quest: Mysterious Times is a fantastic life simulator for Nintendo DS.

After adjusting the appearance, name and gender of your character, players can take lessons at the in-game Magic Academy. During the lessons the players learn spells and sayings with their classmates. The most entertaining features of the game are making appointments with other students, playing instruments with other students, and drawing (and lotteries) with other students.

However, when mysterious time events take place in the game, everything gets a little strange. The 29th. In October each year there is a forced Halloween event on the theme of the Mystery of Time. In addition, the game contains a haunted house inhabited by enemy ghosts and a shady guy who cools down in the cemetery (just like you!).

Costume and costume research 2

Costume Quest is a Halloween role-playing game based on parties. The game was developed by Double Fine Productions and published by THQ. The player controls a child who has gone for a walk with his twin brother. When a monster kidnaps its twins, players must travel to the area to collect candy, costumes and other children to help them fight the monster and save their brother and sister. The game was played on the 19th. October 2010 and can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android. Target 2 of the follow-up process was published on the 31st. October 2014.

If you haven’t played them yet, you can play them both in one set for as little as $4.99 until the third set. November.

Quest in original costume (2010) – game trailer


Thimble Park is a pixel art puzzle game. In the small town of Timbleweed Park live 80 very strange people. Five people who have nothing in common are attracted to the city. They’re all connected, even if they don’t know it right away. And these aliens don’t know anyone’s watching them. Despite the pixellated graphics of the game, with a rotting corpse, an abandoned circus and a haunted house, the game is far from Stardev Valley. The game can be played on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Linux and Mac.

If you don’t have a copy yet, the game will cost you 60% discount until the second day. November only $6.99 on steam.

Luigi Manor House 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3, released on Nintendo Switch on the 31st. October last year. Given the date of his release, players have the embarrassing feeling that Luigi’s Manor 3 could be a good game for Halloween. You made the right assumption.

Luigi receives a dream holiday package with Mario and his friends for a stay in a luxury hotel. But friends never seem to settle down, do they? Upon arrival at the hotel King Boo (buh!) shows that it was all a ruse and takes over everyone! The hotel contains a large number of unique thematic developments, puzzles and, as you may have guessed: Ghosts. But with his new ghost catching equipment and new skills, Luigi has his stuff in his bag. He thinks.

You can also play with a player in cooperative mode. After unlocking Luigi’s sticky twin, Gooigi, you can pair up to solve puzzles and hunt ghosts. But the multiplayer fun doesn’t stop there! For example, in ScreamPark you can play minigames with seven other people on the same console. You can also get a group of eight people together online or via a local wireless game and try to win the ScareScraper.

Academy of little witches: Camera time

The Academy of Little Witches: The Time Room is an action-adventure role-playing game. Originally, the 30th. November 2017 released in Japan for PS4. It was the 15th. May 2018 published worldwide. The game was developed by A+ Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is currently running on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

If you are not familiar with the Lesser Witch Academy, here is an anime series about the school of witches, the Luna Nova Academy. The protagonist of the series Acre is a young Japanese girl without magical origins.

With Acre and his friends you will discover the secrets of the Luna Nova Academy. Players can explore dungeons, cast spells and use witchcraft to discover the Seven Wonders and unravel a strange jet lag.

Cemetery manager & CSD

Another addition to the list, which resembles Stardew Valley but is slightly darker, is the Cemetery Keeper.

Cemetery Keeper – a simulation game set in the Middle Ages in which players play the role of a cemetery keeper. You need to collect resources and create your own environment. To do this it is necessary to build and manage a cemetery, find ways to reduce costs and ultimately help the dead to find peace.

The cemetery keeper is ideal for Halloween and has some elements of black humour. This may involve interrupting the maintenance of the cemetery and participating in the burning witch party instead, or intimidating the inhabitants to come to church.

To further remind this game of Halloween, the 27th. Another version of DLC Cemetery Guardian – Crone was released in October.

Crone DLC Cemetery Keeper Set

  • 6 to 12 hours of extra fun.
  • Build your own refugee camp and bring prosperity with it.
  • A brand-new pocket mechanic!
  • Access to new bowls, gravestones, fences and teleportation rolls.
  • A vampire terrorizes a peaceful village.
  • To solve the mysterious death of your predecessor.
  • Discover even more terrible secrets about your old and new friends.
  • Become an ally of Comrade Donkey and join the revolution!

You must help the escaped prisoners of the Inquisition survive in the desert by providing them with everything they need. Develop your camp into a fortified colony, not to mention the benefits. To protect those who entrusted their lives to you from sword and fire. And also – to clarify the circumstances of the cruel game that turned into the Great Explosion and the return of the Old Curses.

The 28th. October, also just in time for Halloween, the DLC Cemetery of the Guardians of Other Sins we talked about here will be released!

The Crone DLC Cemetery Caretaker Set can be purchased here for just $8.99. If you don’t have the basic game at the time of writing, you can also get a huge 63% discount on a collection cemetery manager. A collector’s edition for a total of $19.75 includes Cemetery Keeper, Cemetery Keeper EAST, Cemetery Keeper – the Sins of Strangers, Cemetery Keeper – a Game of the Crown.

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