The safes from Orokins to Derelite contain damaged fashions. These mods are a very important part of almost all games with late builds in Warframe. It’s about blind rage, fleet experience, narrow-mindedness, exaggerated and transient thinking. In the past, the opening jump was best performed by a full team of 4 tennis players to even the odds. From 2019, you can run Orokin’s Derelict Camps yourself without losing your chances. This guide provides a simple strategy and set-up for the first Warframe game – Rhino – that allows new players to supply solo farms.

Dirty mode in the vaults of Derelict

Orokin’s Derelict Vault is the only way to access any of the 23 damaged mods currently available in Warframe. Of the 23 mods, 5, Blind Fury, Fleet Examination, Narrow Mind, Too Large and Transient Spirit, are mandatory for the late construction of the game’s military bases, and a mod, Heavy Caliber, is almost mandatory to increase the damage of the main weapon. And because of their popularity, these mods are also worth selling platinum to other players.

Understanding how it works

Blows in the Litigation

Orokin’s safes are in the Destroy, Survival, Sabotage, Mobile Defense and Capture in Derelice missions. To start a mission, you have to build a corresponding Derelict Key from the drawing. These keys are for single use only. This means that if you want to perform 3 Derelict Capture missions, you have to create 3 Derelict Capture keys.


When you enter a mission that can contain safes – destroy, survive, sabotage, mobile defense and conquer – a safe will randomly appear at the end of the tile. The endpoints of a tile are the doors that connect one room to another. We need to search this storeroom all over the map. The warehouse door has a unique look that you can’t ignore. Take a look at the screenshot below.

The very popular vaults are located in the large hall with a tree in the middle because there are many doors on this tile. But sometimes you find the safe at the end of a mission. This has happened to me several times.

Right dragon button and mode height

Once you have found the repository, it can only be opened if you have installed the correct Dragon Key. There are four different dragon keys, and the one needed to open the camp is also chosen randomly at the beginning of the mission. You always want to equip all four keys before you start a mission. These kite keys are to be built according to plans, which are only available in Orokin’s laboratory in the dojo. What’s more, every key has a huge problem solution in your frame. More on this later.

Once you have opened the safe, take the damaged mod in the middle of the room. This means that you have to interact actively with the light artifact – the mod is not automatically selected.

Lotus will tell you there are more enemies, and you’ll have to fight your way out. At the end of the mission, a damaged modeler is detected. If there are 23 possible damages, the chance of getting the desired one is 4.35%.

Preparation and design of all tests

As I said before, two types of keys are needed to successfully launch the Orokin depots solo in Derelict. Firstly, these are the keys to start Derelict missions, and secondly, these are the Dragon keys to open the mission repositories.

Where to find abandoned insertion keys

All the key drawings of the Desperate Missions are on the market. Just find what’s missing in the search field of the market and buy all available drawings. Costs 1500 or 2500 credits each. On the note: The mission Murder at the Abandonment rewards you with details about the design of the necroses.

Then, to start the mission, you have to build the keys to the drawing. Every time the mission is launched, the key is exhausted. The best type of camp mission is to record the abandonment, followed by the extermination of the abandonment. It’s best to build some keys if you want to jog upside down.

Where can I find the Orokinkite storage keys?

To open the memory in Derelict, you have to build the keys to the dragon. In the clandojo, four dragon keys and their designs belong exclusively to the Orokin laboratory. There is currently no other way to obtain these key drawings. You should either join a clan that did research in Orokin’s lab or create your own. I strongly advise new players to just ask in a regional or recruitment chat about the clan that will take them. Be honest with them and tell them you want the drawings. In most clans you can only participate in the collection of drawings; many items are hidden behind the clan’s research.

Once you have the plans, you have to build the real keys. Opening the safe consumes the key. To start multiple missions, build 5 keys of each drawing. For each built key, 10 empty tracks are required. You may have to perform a number of crack repair missions first to get blank tracks.

To access the keys in a mission, you must equip all the keys to your equipment. It works just like the codes that equip and consume you for auto-hacking. Before you start equipping these dragon keys, you need to understand the weakening of every major cause with your battle shot after the equipment.

Each key on the dragon has a troubleshooting function.

Each of the dragon’s 4 keys has a different effect on your battle settings. The historical reason for this is that in the past the mission required a full team of four players. Each actor will bear a different burden of decoupling. The solo race means you’ve unlocked all four keys and all four.

  • The key to bleeding reduces the health of your fighting frame by -75%.
  • A key that disintegrates reduces the shielding of your boxes by -75%.
  • The Delete key reduces the damage to your battle frame by -75%.
  • The Hobby button reduces the speed of movement of your combat units by -50%.

If you have all four keys, you only have part of your health and your shields. Your weapon’s causing a little damage, and you’re walking very slowly.

Reduced speed is a weakness that can be overcome very easily. Just use the shot and the rent to complete the mission, because the speed of the parkour won’t be reduced with the bump key.

The other 3 weaknesses can be overcome by choosing a combat setting that can compensate for poor health, shields and damage.

Orokin jumps solo with the rhino

The rhino is the easiest weapon for beginners to use, able to handle all debates about the keys to bleeding, rotting and extinction. You can use the Iron Shield ability (2) to get an extra layer of health. If you run out of iron skins, make new ones. The Thunder Capacity (3) increases the damage to partially compensate for the effect of the White Key.

No primer, mould or damaged mould is required for the basic assembly. This is a very cheap tank construction. To provide vital energy and steel fibers for health and armor; the latter is also important for the iron shield. Then, tightening, intensification and continuity are performed to achieve over 3,000 Iron Skin and a 65% increase in damage for nearly 40 seconds when applying Roar. Finally, the iron charge should increase the damage to the melee by a further 60%.

Feel free to add armour and strength for more Iron Skin and Ron. This is really just the beginning.

With this construction it is sufficient to have an iron skin at the beginning of the Derelict Capture mission to stay in good health. Every time you lose Iron Hide, you start over. Make sure you bring an energy recovery for the mission in case you run out of energy. As soon as you see that your target is captured by Roar, you take him out in a fight. Don’t forget to use rental and jumping shots to speed up the trip.

Bring an automatic primary or secondary target for a trapping mission, as the trapping mission target may be an undo. If that is the case, remove the bubble and use the melee to drop the target.

If you have a Sunika Kubrow with Unleashed-Mod, your dog will even keep his catch target in place. That way it’s much easier to do.

Once you have received the catch target, you should look at each end of the card until you reach the storage door. Use the minimap to find out where you’ve been and where to go. Finding the warehouse door may take some time – you have to be patient. Once you’ve found the storage door, open it by working with it. He’s using a key. Lift the illuminated artifact and go to the exit. Wash yourself and repeat the process until you run out of keys or motivation.

When you’re done with your races, make sure you use the dragon keys. Otherwise, postpone it until your next assignment. Take care of the dragon’s keys as soon as your Orokin’s locker is up and running again.

And if you’re looking for a stronger Rhino or Rhino Prime, build a slower Derelict Jumping solo that combines more strength and armor.

Solo performance of Deerlite in the Orokin Vault with other battle frames

Of course there are other possibilities if you don’t like the way the rhino (Prime) is made. But keep in mind that they need more specialized late production or more powerful weapons.

With Loki (Prime) invisibility is also a solid strategy. If the construction time is high, Loki becomes invisible for more than 30 seconds. It can bounce and roll the balls into the mission and remove the handle while remaining invisible. Loki has no amateur damage to compensate for the removed key. I advise you to bring a solid set of silent weapons or not.

Limbo (Prime) is very useful because with its ability to spit, it will not suffer any damage when crossing the level. Be careful not to drive with him, because he will leave the ditch while driving. He also doesn’t like it when the damage compensates for the loss of the key. You’ll need high damage weapons and a fairly large warehouse to drop the target. A spectacular target can be a nullife, requiring some bladder reduction. Don’t forget to leave your protection against shooting errors to catch the target. During this time, you’re very vulnerable.

Neja (Prime) is also a good option because of its high base speed and defensive halo capacity, which protects it from income damage. Like Limbo, Nezha can’t clean up her damage and has to bring fertile weapons to a spectacular target. This makes Nezha a faster alternative to rhinos without endangering health.


Solo-in-Orokin vaults in Derelict can be made with a war novel like a rhino if you understand how to prepare for the mission. Your first task is to pick up all the drawings and build the real keys. Equip the keys of the dragon and defeat the mission. Try to be patient if you’re looking for a real safe. One thing that can be rather complicated is when the stalkers or the union unit show up.

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