2020 has been a fairly slow year for the Star Citizen and for overall progress around the world, and there have been several delays in features and gameplay, some of which we had hoped for in 2020.

In this video I want to look at the expectations and opportunities that are expected for 2021. Although the situation will change in the future, I want to talk about what the CI says it is doing and what is likely to be done next year.

A general overhaul of the large rocket is planned for early 2021, and it looks like it will be radically different from what we had on 3 November.

Currently, iCache is planned for approximately mid 2021. It is now a large ticket backend feature that enables better processing of elements, entities and objects and the use of things as permanent elements, combined with continuous improvements in network technology. We should see more stable servers.

In fact, iCache is a requirement for many games, some of which are actively edited, and I expect this to be the case in 2021:

Materialized Items / Storage and Inventory allows you to store items such as armor or items on ships properly, and your character will really matter.

The physical parts of ships are essential for a citizen of the stars. When a new system of pipeline/source vessels and ship power supply is built, all these systems will be connected accordingly.

In fact, technically, what I would call T0 repair and salvage also allows the physical component to be removed and taken out of the ship OR replaced by another component.

The CI has worked on fire propagation and fire control, so it is possible that next year it will focus on mechanics, but it is more likely that it will build for the SQ42.

We know that the mesh server comes to iCache, and at the same time we get Pyro (new star system). This will be patch 4.0, which means that the SM is scheduled for 2021, but has not been announced exclusively. However, we know that they have been working on the star system and the SM for a very long time. But I wasn’t expecting it until the fourth quarter of 2021.

The Civic Contest 2020 has been postponed, which leads me to believe that they want to hold the CitCon in the first half of 2021. Does that mean we could have two civilian purposes in 2021… …in 2021? But this presupposes that the world allows people to come together in large groups.

Crusader, with its gigantic gas technology, and Orison Crusader City plan to launch Split in the first and second half of the year. It will be published in the first quarter of 2021.

An in-depth medical game is approaching mid 2021. We saw MedGun, and they talked about opening hospitals and clinics at the POI. NPCs cure someone else was a feature that had previously been included in the roadmap, and I would expect that in 2021, with players do not die when they reach 0 health, but instead become temporarily disabled and eventually resurrect.

The Multi-Tool needs to be updated to allow the milling module to make free cuts on certain surfaces. It will be used to open panels, vents and puzzles, but probably also for emergencies.

The push and pull object, which allows you to push larger objects and which also contains moving objects on trolleys, has been moved to position 3.13. Other elements are expected around the same time: better death animation and perhaps the AI of the ship Awareness of Danger and Avoidance; it allows the AI to identify areas to avoid and integrate them into the gameplay.

We’ve already heard about the mysterious armor that has been knocked off – it’s not a Titan suit – apparently we’ve seen it before, which makes me think it’s probably Bounty Hunter-type armor, OR part of the armor they’ve shown in development in 2020.

IC has worked on different types of berths. You should do a Ship to Station in 2021 and, depending on your priority, maybe even a Ship to Ship.

We know AI wanted the Arlington Bounty Mission series to fight NPC Idris at the end of the chain…

You have set up the GrimHex betting and racing area and are waiting for the race-fight function and additional content for the planned new patches.

AI worked on the expansion of the stations and wanted to have the stations dismantled, whether they were abandoned or automated. We’ll probably see these new NPs soon.

We know that the IC works on the Dynamic Universe Sim at the same time as the mission and business system, and we need to see its various elements throughout the year.

Currently the NPC Scheduler / Spawn-Locker is in use, with which the NPC can be spawned or welded to prevent burglary, for the needs of the area, including security forces, NPC missions or reinforcements.

To this end, the IC is planning another Green Zone Relax to enable the use of FPS weapons in the stations and the landing zone, which I expect in the coming months.

We also need to see how the mechanics of the loading decks are extended with load timers, so that loading and unloading costs and times are taken into account.

Mapping the terminal economy – many new missions and a few more missionaries.

We know that the game of bounty hunters and pirates is now in the spotlight.

This also applies to updated cargo systems. iCache will eventually allow pirate ships to be authorised. While physical parts make it possible to take ships out of service … so that they can be taken on board more often and are properly maintained.

The ICU said they’d get the bounty, you can see where they were last seen. You should see the surrender and drag mechanisms used here, as well as their work on the taser and the handcuffs.

We also know Gilds worked there. This allows players to join player organisations that offer advantages… such as the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, which gives you information about goals and associated missions and items, or the Guild, which gives you a cover to split up… something like that.

The cloud empire has stated that it has big plans for rescue, repair, medicine, computers, agriculture and production/manufacturing in the medium term, but we don’t know what they are yet and we don’t know what the main priorities are.

We have been working on the new SDF Shield Tech for some time now. It is more aesthetic and forms the right shields. They used a similar technique for the effects of atmospheric penetration. Expect him to catch up on a few more shields.

We will certainly see improvements in the field of flights and combat, the development of high-speed combat and many reorientations.

New, updated ship interfaces will be created to be more thematic for each manufacturer, and they will also be revised for mobiGlas applications, including Starmap.

We know that they develop the actor’s trading system outside of directing the earnings and the UEC. Your plan is to enable you to exchange items and goods with some kind of user interface.

What are the ships and vehicles we can see…well, that’s actually a priority, and we don’t know where the ships are….

There’s been a lot of talk about MISC Hull-C, and I’m counting on it.

The CI implied that Polar Star would run until Banu MM, so I expected to see the first one in 2021.

The dragon vulture was planned for 2020, but when they postponed the rescue, he also moved. Since the rescue is likely to begin in 2021, I expect to see the ship then as well.

There aren’t really many ships, and CI will treat them according to their priority. I hope to see things like the Ares and Nova tanks and some new ships and vehicles flying straight ahead.

Personally, I think we will see more individually adapted and modular ships in the second half of 2021.

A lot of AI updates are expected, we should start seeing NPC ships moving between the atmosphere and space and heading towards tracking, and NPC-FPS on planets and in POI.

Expect the Stanton system to get a halo from Aaron as the right location with gates and super-dense asteroids, as well as a new house and POI around the planets and moons. I don’t think we’re going to see the construction of the base next year, but it’s quite possible that there will be a land claims game.

There are important things we’re waiting for:

Squadron 42 Episode 1 and Theatres of War, both very close to the chest. I think they will both have all releases in 2021, which can be very optimistic.

But what is a star citizen without unbridled optimism! It has to be much more, I was quite conservative with my listed characteristics, but they are unlikely to do everything.

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