Welcome to Star Citizen TLDR, we have many updates for features in version 3.12, The Return of the Battleships, Chris Roberts talked about the eternal death and loss in the Star Citizen updates with The Death of the Astronaut, and we quickly summarize the news for the last week of October 2020.

Overview of the roadmap

The roadmap for Alpha 3.12 has been supplemented by a number of new functions, mainly relating to improving safety in Stanton. With the release of Alpha 3.12, the Idris Navy is now the last line of defense for the space stations. When criminals with a sufficiently high combined crime rate enter the ceasefire zone, Marine Idris is called upon to fight them. There are several related characteristics:

  • Improved combat behaviour of the primary warship with emphasis on maneuvering, aiming and armament. To this end, it must be ensured that the ship is fully aware of its cargo, the available towers and the number/quantity of hunters it is dealing with. The pilot reacts and positions the ship according to a certain battle scenario.
  • VFX/SFX enhancements to destroy deadly masks, turrets, missile tracks, and visual and acoustic effects from torpedoes to enhance the look and feel of battle and the destruction of large battleships.
  • Priorities for a CEW fire mode, which allows weapons to be loaded and multiple modes and speeds of fire to be used against the most suitable target, depending on the weapon used and the turret.
  • AI interception of torpedoes makes torpedo gameplay more complex and realistic, and hidden beats are more useful. Incoming torpedo fire will help protect the capital and its ships from the bombers.
  • AI Accuracy Convergence offers increased accuracy that rewards players for taking evasive action.
  • Countermeasures against v1.1 will have a larger number of countermeasures, which will play a greater role in the probability of a missile exchange. Individual countermeasures will be less effective, but players will be able to choose the number of shots fired with each shot. Different missiles will have different resistance to countermeasures.
  • Attack, counterweight and torpedo behaviour with balance change for size 9 torpedoes. They’re much more deadly now, and it only takes a few direct blows to bring down the biggest ships. This additional damage is caused by the speed, but allows ships to attack and destroy.

At 3:12 am is also the UI mining refractor, which was shown in the Inside Starry Citizen Week episode (October 22). This update adds a completely new user interface for all vehicles that can be used in the mining industry, giving stakeholders a clearer picture of what they are experiencing, among other things: Mining consumables are what you have, their current state and expensive. Freight – Your freight capsules now display their contents and are updated in real time as materials are extracted from the mines. Flight Weight – Health status and estimated time a charge remains in your capsules before it collapses. The flight weights themselves are marked in the user interface so you can’t miss them when you pick them up. Flight interface – The current flight settings and gigantic settings active on your ship are always visible. This new interface is fully built with the new BuildingBlocks system, which enables faster development, iteration and testing of new rock system functions.

Legal system v2 : The amendment was adopted with effect from 3 December. I suspect he’ll return in 2021 with more bounty hunters and security updates until he’s a big loss right now.

Chris Roberts spoke in Calling All Devs – Death of Cosmic Man about mortality and medical gambling, I will give a brief overview, but very soon I will go into more depth and context.

The gameplay of Death of the Astronaut has slightly evolved from the original SC concept, but it is the basis of the game – risk, reward and death.

They want the economy and the value of ships and objects to help them stay mobile in case of loss.

When you die, you create a new character and receive the assets of the previous one. But there will be taxes on deaths, and they will be high enough that players will want to avoid them.

They prolong what happens when you suffer fatal damage.

The characters used can get a field physician or recover where they have fallen. They can use things like the Medigan they worked on to get the character back.

If you are not picked up, or if you do not suffer much more damage, you will reproduce again in a hospital, a clinic or a suitable medical facility. You’re actually a clone and you can go back to where you died and see your body. It’s very similar to EvE Online, where they were cloned… The less stable your DNA is, the more your clone.

If this happens often, you cannot be cloned and have to create a new character.

They will improve the system of player status and the medical game. You will see drugs such as stitches, and for various effects the drugs will quickly raise the temperature of your health to get you back on your feet; instead of healing you well, you will see more gameplay regarding the environment and status that affect your character.

You may have injuries that can get worse, minor damage to the leg can become a fracture and then destroy the limb if you do not treat it or damage it further.

The treatment of injuries is directly related to the extent of the damage caused.

Medical care and rescue become their own spell loop.

We will see more of this medical game in 2021, they are working on medical schools and drugs today.

These game elements will continue to evolve and be enriched as they evolve and the CI responds. Actually, I really like the idea of cloning, but then I’ve played EvE online many times… in Star Citizen I’d like to see if you don’t have to create a new character, if you don’t want MAYBE, you can pay a lot of money for a new stable clone bonus or something, but you keep your original character. Now I also see that you can have characters who were obviously very hurt before they died, but who didn’t die at all… but you’re gonna have a lot of war scars. That’s awesome!

Newsletter Final activities : Show us what you do best!

It’s Halloween and the last chance to get the masks for the October Star Citizen.

This is the last chance to participate in the MSR contest in October (so we still have a chance for November). The MCP is also being further developed and should soon be added to the Star Citizen Alpha 3.11 branch (by IAE).

The IAE will begin its work on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute. November and will be available until that date. The month of December continues.

Sneak Peek is the refinery’s bridge to Alpha 3.12.

Star Citizen TLDR The Idris Cometh 3.12

Subscriber magazine Jump Point Magazine talked about the space and law enforcement station improvements that appeared in 3.11, Origin 100 and Eclipse BUT, but also made a mockery of Next RSI Subscriber Flair, which looks like Nerf Guns Paint Guns VERY COOL or at least stupid.

Star Citizen TLDR The Idris Cometh 3.12

Inside the Starship Citizen, the user interface, which is undergoing a major overhaul, with a lot of information now reasonably placed at a glance, and also looks very cool, and with the addition of an emissions sensor and a compass. They work on the atmosphere of the HUD and MFD of the Aegis system.

Ship PipeSystem – A resource management system, as it is now called, is still a long way off, but it will have converted fuel into energy, and that energy will then be placed into systems, a relay between the components, which will have more connections and systems that will be linked around the ship with more redundancy or paths. Even if you don’t want them all at the same time, because they also have electricity and therefore fuel costs.

The battery components store energy and are used when the system cannot obtain sufficient energy from other sources.

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