In the film The Dead in the Light of Day, the killer is always the toughest game on the playground. They are constantly searching for survivors and have to nourish the structure with their bodies. Although the killer will always be the biggest threat in the game, its effectiveness may vary depending on the environment. In some games they can dominate the card, in others they can see that no one is hanging on it. In this context, here are five of the best and five of the worst killer cards from the movie Dead in the Daylight.

Pay attention: It’s hard to stop the best and worst cards and play them as killers. With such a variety of assassins with different capacities, strengths and weaknesses, a map can sometimes work perfectly for one assassin, but terribly much for another. Below is a list of the most beloved and hated maps of the people who live in the dead zone during the day.

Best cards for killers

Allée des Lampkins

The best and worst maps for killers in Dead by Daylight

Lampkin Lane is a map of Michael Myers (or Form), who is in his small hometown. You can enter many buildings, but none of them offer good escape routes for the survivors. A building is a death cell with a generator stuck in a corner, so you are open to the catch. If the killer is released, he’s sure to find the survivor, and the underground sections aren’t wide enough for anyone to have an agreed escape plan. In short, Lampkin Lane is one trap after another for the survivors, but a welcome playground for the killer.

Leri Memorial

The best and worst maps for killers in Dead by Daylight

Internal cards can be quite complicated for survivors, and the Lerie Memorial Institute is no exception. The way the map is constructed can give the impression of a maze. Although they can potentially use many nooks and crannies in every room, there are not many places to hide. In addition to the base and the laconic upper part, which is close to the centre, the map is completely flat. Narrow rooms and few escape routes make this map one of the best for killers.

Secondary education Primary education

The best and worst maps for killers in Dead by Daylight

This card, inspired by Silent Hill, is easily one of the most one-sided cards in the movie The Dead in broad daylight. He plays incredibly well for the killer. It’s small, with few paddles and long corridors that give the killers enough chance to catch the survivor. There aren’t many places to go in search of a survivor, and the hook is always there.

Mont Ormond Station

The best and worst maps for killers in Dead by Daylight

Mount Ormond Resort – the only map in the game with snow that brightens up the playing field, making it harder for survivors to find the killer In addition to the fact that visibility here is in the killer’s favour, the ski chalet building in the middle of the map is a difficult place to escape the chase. Killers have many options, from long-range attacks to minor damage to the survivors.


The best and worst maps for killers in Dead by Daylight

The game is a card associated with the Pork and Saw franchise. There is a cult cinema with many ways to trap a survivor. There are not many pallets that can be thrown at the killer, and the top of the map is very open, leaving little room for survivors to hide. This will lead to many people chasing the basement, which will make the killer’s game even more difficult, because there are many hooks and eyes.

Worst cards for killers

Blood vessel

The best and worst maps for killers in Dead by Daylight

If there aren’t enough buildings in Bloody Wigwam for the survivors to hide, it compensates for the walls preventing the killer from seeing anything. Garbage is dumped where the surviving bad guys can hide, and there are tons of pallets in this mess so they can fall on you. The whole area isn’t very good for the killer and is actually a playground for the survivors.

Barn with fractures

The best and worst maps for killers in Dead by Daylight

Fractured Cowshed is a map designed with many obstacles to get in the way of a killer. First of all there is a corn field that blocks the player’s view and can hide the survivors over a large part of the map, but there is also a forest area that gives the survivors enough opportunity to turn around and try to get rid of the killer. The barn, from which the map takes its name, also has several windows from which survivors can escape and hide in lockers. Wherever you go on this map, there’s a viable escape plan for a survivor.

Gas paradise

The best and worst maps for killers in Dead by Daylight

Located in an abandoned gas storage area, Gasparadies is one of the least popular tickets for fans of the dead in daylight. A generator has been installed at the filling station, which opens a large door when it is switched on. If the killer enters before the generator is started, there are several windows through which a survivor can easily escape, and sometimes a pallet on which he can fall. With the door closed, which in fact immediately ends the hunt for the killer. Outside the filling station there are many structures to hide survivors and pallets of many.

Light pink

The best and worst maps for killers in Dead by Daylight

Swamp levels aren’t very popular with Dead by Daylight players, whether they’re playing a killer or a survivor. The card takes its name from a boat stuck in the plain. This boat has several pallets, levels, ladders and windows that allow the survivor to escape and give the killer a real headache. Outside the ship, the map is one of the largest in the game and gives survivors many opportunities to hide in the foliage and debris. The pale rose also has some of the worst hook positions in the game for the killer and can be very difficult to show to survivors in the fog.


The best and worst maps for killers in Dead by Daylight

A rotten field is a large cornfield, of which not much is left. But corn is a big problem for some actors who find it difficult to bypass the many cobs of corn, giving the surviving actors enormous advantages. Apart from the corn there is not much to see on this map, except for the tree with dead pigs hanging from it. It is a very soft card that is not exactly appreciated by people who play survivors or murderers.

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