Danganronpa is a series of mysterious murders, visual novels. Since the release of the first game – Trigger Happy Havoc – in 2010, the game has had a large number of loyal fans.

If you are looking for constant action and you are not a reader, Dunganrongpa and similar games are probably not for you. But for those of you who have played the game and like to tell stories, riddles, puzzles and character interactions, we have some of the best games, such as Dunganronpa, if you like.

Zero flight: Non-commercial games

The Best Games Like Danganronpa

The Best Games Like Danganronpa

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is one of the series that made the groundbreaking mystery games and visual novels popular. It is a must for every fan of the genre.

You’re playing for Phoenix Wright’s attorney when you try to find out the truth. This involves investigating the crime scene, interviewing witnesses, presenting evidence and dealing with objections.

If you enjoyed the trial at Dunganronpa, a treat awaits you. Crimes are complex and require many clues. You’ll be immersed in the events and characters you meet.

Sexy cheeky

The Best Games Like Danganronpa

Here’s a unique game you’ve probably never heard of: Sexy Cheeky. It’s a detective game that takes place in a villa stuck in a time loop in which the people in the villa are slowly killed one by one.

As you relive the same day over and over again, you observe what’s going on, spy on the guests and learn their secrets to save them from their miserable fate.

Sexy Brutale has visually stunning graphics and a great download soundtrack. The puzzles are interesting and the plot has many twists and turns, making the gameplay very memorable. Go blind for a better experience.

Person 5

The Best Games Like Danganronpa


The Best Games Like Danganronpa

Person 5 – She plays PlayStation…

  • 5. Numbered game of the series, created by famous developers! Basic development…
  • A profound and fascinating story is the fascinating story of a team of daring teenagers.

Person 5 is one of the most popular role-playing games of all time and makes this list of games similar to Danganronpa.

Although Persona 5 does not focus on murder puzzles, the two games have many similarities. Both games revolve around a group of high school students who need to use hope and friendship to overcome the despair in the world.

Both games also include role-playing and social simulations. You’ll interact with other characters and make progress in your relationship with them, giving you new storylines, new character skills and even romantic possibilities.

As for the differences, Persona 5 is more serious and deepens the psychological aspect, while Danganronpa adds more comedy in different situations. A person’s themes and goals are also more subtle than those of Dunganronpa. All this suggests that there are many similarities between the fans of the two games, and that both are really worth playing.

Ghost point

The Best Games Like Danganronpa

The Best Games Like Danganronpa

The Best Games Like Danganronpa

Death party: Back to the school edition…

  • The back-to-school edition contains a game, two 2.5-inch figurines and a CD with the soundtrack.
  • Retro graphics improve the atmosphere – 16-bit 2D visualizations create a new dimension of the atmosphere….

Corpse Party is a horror and survival adventure game that was developed in 1996 and has proven itself over the years. Your task is to explore the spooky area of the school to find an escape route. To do this, you need to explore the environment and communicate with other characters.

The game is a fairly simple mind-based graphic, with shortened and randomly animated scenes. You can see the game in the horror genre, but there is not so much pain and jumps. It rather gives a feeling of threatening fear and terrible terror, which fits the atmosphere.

In addition to the plot elements, Corpse Party offers many game options. You can pick up and use items and even avoid trackers.

As in Danganronp, by the end of the game you will probably have found the strength to invest in the Party of the Dead.

The world ends with you.

The Best Games Like Danganronpa

The world ends with you in an action-packed role-playing game called Square Enix, set in urban Japan. When you played Neku as a teenager, you lost your memories, except that in this game you have to fight for life and death and survive.

The game has many elements in common with Danganronpa – amnesia, school age grades, rules of the game, situations of life and death. Throughout the game, you’ll have to work with other characters to work your way through various obstacles.

Just like Danganronpa, the world stops when you tell a true story that leaves deep traces. You’ll probably think about it the way you really do.

Also in the field of animation and soundtrack the game is not skipped. The graphics are elegant and have the Square Enix cartoon touch that we all love. During the game it’s fun to see Neku stop in the background and jump to J-Pop.


This makes our list complete with some of the best games, such as Dunganronpa. Let us know in the comments below if you have any suggestions for similar games!

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