Firewatch is a unique game that takes you on a journey of mystery and investigation. If you’ve already played it and are looking for more games in the same direction, we’ve put together some of the best games like Firewatch to help you scratch the jitters. Most of the games below can be played on both PC and console.

Life is strange

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

Life weird is a great game to try if you like Firewatch. It is also a mysterious adventure game with heavy stories and dialogues. The decisions you make will influence the outcome of the game, including the many outcomes you will experience.

The story revolves around Max Caulfield, a high school student who understands that she can go back in time and at the same time save her best friend. Then they shut themselves off from their friend’s investigation while revealing the hidden secrets of their city.

If you like intrigue games and pursue another exciting and powerful Firewatch experience, life must satisfy this need in a strange, enjoyable way. The visual effects and the music are beautiful, and there may even be a scene or two in which you feel your heart breaking.

Long dark

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

Long dark (PS4)

  • English (subtitles)

The Long Dark is an addictive survival game set in the frozen land of Canada. To stay alive you have to make campfires by hand, protect yourself from predatory wolves and clean up garbage in search of food.

The game has two modes: Survival mode and scene mode. The Story mode is very similar to Firewatch, because it looks like an episode and immerses you deeper into the game world. They meet other characters and have to make difficult decisions to survive.

Combined with realistic graphics and a beautiful soundtrack, The Long Dark captures the atmosphere perfectly when the situation is similar to that of Firewatch. I strongly advise you to give this game a chance if you like Firewatch.

Night in the forest

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

Night in the Woods is a very precious indie-style game with beautiful graphics, a storyline and a rich selection of characters and piercing lessons. It will embody the feeling that we have all felt trapped between hope and despair, between the future and the past.

You play a student who has left school and returns to her abandoned city of Possum Springs in the hope of reviving her life and reuniting with old friends. But it does seem strange, and it depends on why you’re juggling for the rest of your life.

A night in the woods offers a sentimental gaming experience similar to Firewatch, which is sure to leave you a message.

Home Leave

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

You could say that Firewatch is a lot inspired by Gone Home, so we’re adding it to this list of games you can try if you like Firewatch.

Like Firewatch, Going Home is a first-person educational game. The principle is that you go home after a year abroad, and what should have been a happy reunion was an empty house instead. Something’s wrong, and it’s your job to find out what happened and solve the mystery.

The lucky little Easter egg you may not know is that Firewatch shares the same universe as Going Home. In one of the many supply caches of Firewatch is the book of Terrence L. Greenbriar Random Savior. Coincidentally, this author is the father of the main character of the Left House.


The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch


The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

RiME – Nintendo Switch Standard Edition

  • Explore – Explore the mysterious island at your own pace. Interaction with the animal world, searching…
  • Solve the puzzles – Make your way through the ancient ruins and their hidden wonders through the puzzles of…

RiME is another single-player adventure game in which you have to solve the mysteries of the world around you. You play like a little boy stuck on a mysterious island after a shipwreck. The goal is to explore the island, solve puzzles and reach the top of the island tower.

Unlike Firewatch, it has no dialogue, but it does have a lot in common. The game has great graphics, a great soundtrack and a lot of research. On the way to the development of the plot, solve your puzzles. And the boy is a story in RiME.


The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch


The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch


  • Dive into a majestic underwater adventure!
  • Discover the collectibles of the game to unlock the achievements of the endgame.

Abzu is an underwater exploration game in which you play the role of a diver, interact with sea creatures and reveal the secrets of the ocean along the way.

Unlike Firewatch, there’s no conversation or story here, so if that’s what you’re looking for, try one of the other games. But if you like to explore, use beautiful graphics and animations and relax, then Abzu is for you.

Alan is awake

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

Alan Wake – Xbox 360

  • From Remedy, the masters of cinematic action, here is the 3rd person action game to come …
  • Alan Wake is like a series of very tight thrillers with endless twists and…

For those of you who like to tell stories and mysterious aspects of Firewatch and also prefer more action in your video games, Alan Wake is a good choice. The game requires you to solve puzzles, investigate and go into battle, while immersing yourself in the plot of the psychological thriller.

The game offers an exciting experience with a high quality story, voice and story. The graphics are also very realistic, with detailed environments and appropriate lighting, giving a cinematic feel similar to Firewatch.

Alan Wake also represents a unique turning point in the battle. At night you will have to defend yourself against creatures with your reliable flashlight. This episodic battle makes a fun break for all reading and makes the game even more challenging and intense.


The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

PS3 Travel Collection

  • Includes three complete sets: Travel and flowers and all that.
  • Bonus content includes the original soundtrack of all three matches, three…

If you like Firewatch’s research the most, the trip will report on you. Abzu is a maritime exploration, a voyage to the desert. In Travel you play a stolen character who crosses the desert to reach a distant mountain.

The game is a stress-free exploration of the beautiful desert, with puzzles to solve on the way to progress. There is no text, no voice, and even if you meet other players online, the only way to communicate is to play a musical chimes.

Like Firewatch, the journey only takes a few hours, but at the end of the game you feel like you’ve been playing for much longer.

What remains of Edith Finch

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

Together with many others, this game has won the BAFTA Game Awards 2018. The game revolves around exploring the huge Finch house, revealing the stories and secrets of your family history to understand why you are the only living member of the family.

What remains of Edith Finch is all the intrigue, and if that’s what you prefer, you’ll be absolutely delighted with this game. It is a beautiful and fascinating fairy tale that will unleash all kinds of emotions.

All departed on Ascension Day.

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is another intrigue game that you can play at first. It takes place in a deserted English town where all the inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared. It’s up to you to find out how and why this happened.

It’s certainly a fascinating game when it’s a bit slow at times. Don’t expect too much action or interactivity, but if you like walking simulation games, this is a great option.

Missing Ethane cards

The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

Ethan Carter’s Disappearance is very similar to the game Firewatch, and in general it is a very popular game. You play the detective investigating the murder of Ethan Carter, and everything delves into the mysteries of the city and its characters.

The graphics are beautiful, the puzzle is irresistible and the puzzles are fun. Give this game a chance!


This completes our list of Firewatch games. The games mentioned are largely based on mystery, research, exciting environments, stories and great works of art. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions for games like Firewatch in the comments below.

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