As with the game based on the worm universe, the variety of weapons you can access varies from standard assault weapons to completely crazy weapons. Weapons hidden on the maps will be at their best, especially in the Battle Royal, Last Worm Standing mode.

The selection is not as large as your standard 10 verse novel in the weapons section of the game, but each has a flavor that fits well with the game. Each weapon has its advantages, and knowing them all will be the key to win in your games, no matter what mode you play.

This is Worms Rumble’s biggest weapon.

Sheep of

The best weapons in Worms Rumble

Sheep explosions rub banana bombs and sacred shells as one of the most iconic weapons in your arsenal and are best used if you want to make a big hole in the map where your opponents are used to standing worms.

Worms Rumble doesn’t destroy the environment, but it doesn’t stop the sheep from being an excellent weapon. Although the 50 injuries caused by the explosives are not very significant, the sheep moves quickly, can jump over holes in the ground and continues to move forward until it reaches the target worm. This makes it one of the most powerful weapons to send artillery when other enemies are fighting each other without knowing you’re there.

If you’re bad, kill a worm and always keep a sheep machine gun in your back pocket.


The best weapons in Worms Rumble

The traditional worm-shaped bazooka is the norm, but you have to make it at Worms Rumble. It may be a bit chic compared to Crazy Guns, but the Bazooka is a good choice if you have fast fingers, especially in Deathmatch mode.

A direct hit causes enormous 60 damage, while a splash still has a lot of health in it, and its surprisingly fast fire and throwing speed means you can avoid most other players before they can kill you. Shooting up close and personal is not recommended, but the bazooka is probably the best weapon in the middle segment of the game.

Plasma blasting equipment

The best weapons in Worms Rumble

If you can overcome the short time it takes to charge the shot with a plasma blaster, it is one of the most uncomfortable weapons for an enemy worm.

A shot against the wall bounces off the room. This way no friendly fire is provoked and the explosion will keep jumping through the corridors until you have the chance to hit nothing. The damage is quite modest, but it is also visually significant enough to make it difficult for anyone who encounters them, as they throw a blue lightning bolt in their path before they explode in a collision and hitting multiple targets.

Start time per hour

The best weapons in Worms Rumble

The Sentry Launcher must become one of the most needed machine guns in the Last Worm Standing series of games, for the simple reason that you can tune other worms to what is essentially a death box.

When the launcher is fired into the wall, a guard is assigned to shoot any worms within range, with a maximum of three active guard units simultaneously. It only does damage in five steps, but when the three of you walk across a room in an annoying place, it does damage 15 times per half second or so when you see a worm looking at you.

In the game of exhaustion, sentries are priceless and must be considered an essential secondary task in the struggle of royal regimes.

Baseball album

The best weapons in Worms Rumble

Another standard work weapon: You can activate a baseball bat at any time by right-clicking on your PC and clicking the Circle button on the Playstation. It’ll hurt 30 at a time, but that’s not why the bat is on that list.

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, it doesn’t exist. It has a much wider range than one would expect and can be tilted very quickly. If you use a shotgun, make sure you hit an enemy dead end to maximize performance. This rarely happens if you’re a fast propeller, and baseball bats offer so much reliable damage that even the toughest battles can only be won with melee weapons.

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