The Definitive Guide to Royale High Realms

What is a royal school?

Royale High is a game on Roblox, which mainly consists of travelling in different atmospheres, dressing up cool and chic outfits and playing role-playing games with friends.

At the time of writing, 112,000 people were playing Royale High, and a total of 3.8 billion people visited it, although it was not launched until 2017.

What is the High Royal Kingdom?

The Royal Kingdom is a point of contact within the Royal Kingdom. For example, you can travel to the Kingdom to go to school or to relax in your apartment. If you are engaged in certain activities, such as role-playing with friends or taking part in beauty contests, you will also go to a certain kingdom – in the case of beauty contests, the kingdom will be the island of the sunset.

There are 3 different types of kingdoms

  • Map areas – These areas are shown on the map and you can teleport to them using a USB teleport stick.
  • Undetected areas – These areas are not visible on the map. An example of a non-Cartesian kingdom is the square of the moon. There are only two worlds without go-karts.
  • Seasonal kingdom – Seasonal kingdom created for a specific case. For example, the Royal Kingdom of Upper Christmas was created especially for Christmas.

What are the kingdoms of the royal school?

Now that you know the Royal High School and the different types of kingdoms represented in the game, it’s time to study the most popular kingdoms in detail.

Royal High Apartment Real

Each player has his own apartment, and unlike Adopt Me, your apartment has already been designed for you, you can only choose the color scheme. You can do a lot of things in the apartment, such as sleeping (which can give you an XP level), making tea and hot chocolate (which isn’t really much, but it’s fun!) and taking a bath and other everyday things. It’s usually like a residential area.

Only your friends can enter your house if you don’t activate the interference-free mode. In this case, no one can enter your apartment.

Royal Kingdom of the High Autumn City

The Autumn City Kingdom was the provisional Halloween Kingdom for 2017 and 2019. This kingdom was seasonal and was published especially for Halloween and is no longer available. He may come back on Halloween, but we’ll have to wait and see.

In this kingdom there were many houses where you could buy candy, accessories and a maze.

The Definitive Guide to Royale High Realms Plan of the ground floor of an ordinary city labyrinth in autumn

Battle of the Royale

In the battle of La Royale you can win a lot of diamonds. Basically there is an archery contest, there are two teams, and you fight with bow and arrow against each other. If you shoot another player with an arrow, they will be frozen and the other teammate has to hit them to resuscitate them. If they take too long, you will be eliminated and have to wait until the next round starts again.

If you are part of the winning team, you will receive diamonds as a reward for winning the battle.

Beach house, Kingdom

The Beach House was evacuated just a few days ago, on 17 June on some equipment and on 19 June. June on Apple’s iOS platform. On the ground floor there is a large dining table and a bar where you can have a drink. The first floor has a largely covered balcony and is largely empty, with the exception of four large cushions on which you can sit.

The third floor (i.e. the top floor) has a pirate room, a siren room and a huge night room. The first two have adjoining balconies, where you can go outside to relax. If you climb the little stairs in the pirate’s room and touch your chest, you’ll get expensive Valentine’s Pupils ears.

Kingdom of the Royal Highest Christmas

The Royal Christmas Kingdom (also known as the Christmas Town) has many buildings, including a bell tower, a number of small houses and cafes. The café offers drinks for 5 diamonds. All other buildings are mainly for decoration.

There was also a train in the kingdom that runs on a map and takes you through various ice tunnels around the kingdom and under the map.

There was also a Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round to ride on. Both were light blue and had snowflakes on them. In the middle of the card was a Christmas tree, allowing players to pay 175 diamonds in exchange for the Christmas tree decoration. The goal was to attract Santa Claus, who would come the next night and throw gifts on the card. If you had touched one of these gifts, you would have received any item you could carry, but you were only allowed to receive one item per wave of gifts, and if you had received one gift, you would have had to wait until the next night to receive another item.

The status of this kingdom was revoked because it was a seasonal kingdom and only available at Christmas. There is no definitive answer to the question of whether this kingdom will return at some point in the future.

Kingdom of Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is like a beach house – as soon as you press the Play for Royal High button on Roblox, you will be teleported directly to Diamond Beach.

There was a lighthouse on the beach with a working elevator inside. There was a ton of fish and seaweed in the ocean. There was a tunnel by the ocean that led to a secret room. The room was just a place and a radio where songs could be played.

Diamonds would also spread under water, but the best you can get at any given time is 20.

This kingdom is no longer available because it has been replaced by the earthly kingdom. At that time it was still accessible via the earthly kingdom, although it was much smaller. Eventually the kingdom of the earth was replaced by a division, and that meant the end of the kingdom of Diamond Beach.

Kingdom of Section

They say Kingdom Division is a lobby. As soon as you enter the game and press the play button instead of the teleporter, you are in the game and you fight. It should be a more functional kingdom than the earthly kingdom. There was both a designer shop and an anonymous shop.

In the nameless shop out front, there was a guard trying to talk to you when you entered the shop. But if you try to get in, the guard will stop you and tell you that the building is still under construction and that he doesn’t know what it will be.

After Canada Day (Independence Day) the history of the guards changed because he didn’t know what it would be and maybe it wasn’t built.

City bike

It’s like the Wheel of Fortune of the Rotation that we have in the earthly kingdom today, but it has a different name. The city bike was taken after Divinia had said it would be taken, but it was then returned as a daily reward at the creation of the kingdom of the earth.

One of the main features of the city bike was a mysterious and grumpy voice that said that if you tried to knock on the door of a secret house : I wonder what’s behind my door, don’t you? It’s a pity you can’t find out if you don’t have a password you can’t find out yet.

The Definitive Guide to Royale High Realms Cranky Voice of the Wheel Kingdom at Royal Height

There were several other places in the Kingdom of Divinia, including the Divinia Gate, the Guide Table, the Auction House, and the Fountain of Dreams.

Divinia Park Empire

In Divinia Park there is the Fountain of Dreams, where you can sit at the edge of the fountain and knock. You get a story with possibilities to get further in the story. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a halo (an extremely rare object floating above your head). At the time of writing, the current halo is that of spring 2020. You can also lose diamonds, get diamonds or XP.

Earth Kingdom

The Earth Kingdom is a place where you can spin the Wheel of Happiness every day, go shopping, get in an NPC car or walk to Divinia Park. You can also go shopping on the Place du Clair de Lune, attend a fashion show or go to a café.

High Kingdom of Enchantment

The High Kingdom of Enchantment is a school for fairies and mermaids, where you can choose an element, gain elementary strength and stay in your basic hostel. There’s even a prison cell in the dark basement room! You can attend the lessons or just relax in the dormitory.

Imagination resort

The Fantasia Getaway Resort is like a hotel where you can pay about 100 diamonds to stay in a room and there is not much to do.

Intergalactic Trading Centre Real

The Intergalactic Mall is a place where people with more than 75 levels can sell items or diamonds. However, some things are not interchangeable, such as Mademoiselle’s midnight skirt.

Place of the Moon

Place de la Lune is a place where you can walk alone in the Kingdom of the Earth, where you can go shopping, watch a fashion show (which never seems to show up, even if it should), or eat in a café. There’s nothing else you can do.

Kingdom of the High Kingdom (New Campus)

The new campus of Royale High School, also known as Royale High University Realm, is similar to Enchantix High School, except that you can’t choose for elementary strength, but you can take books out of your locker to get good grades. There are more classes, breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Every evening at 18.00 hours it is announced that the Royale High Dance starts at 20.00 hours. At the dance there are waiters who can take food and drink.

Kingdom of the setting sun

Sunset Island is an island where competitions can be organized. If you take third place in the match, you will receive 200 diamonds. If you arrive at the same second, you get 400 diamonds, and if you arrive first, you get 1000 diamonds. This kingdom is therefore very popular with all players who are trying to earn more diamonds for themselves.

As soon as you have registered for the competition, a pop-up window will appear on your screen with the theme. After seeing this pop-up window you will have about 9 minutes to prepare yourself. As soon as time runs out, the match starts and each vote is worth about 30 diamonds. You can choose 3 people for each match.


Co-author: Charlotte Fudge.

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