(This theory focuses mainly on the BR, but can also connect the STW and the BR; I think we can talk about it in this conversation as well)


Kevin’s trade union theory


The other day I was watching a video of Shin Godzilla when I got the idea.

This theory I propose will use points from Shin Godzilla’s film to show what I think of the plan for Cuba. Okay, Godzilla tire spoiler, two weeks and two weeks. (BR can even be ruined, for God’s sake)

We know that Kevin’s cube is a strange object that came out of a crack left by a rocket ship in season 4. He looked over Lake Lut before he melted and became Big Bad 6. According to the download screens, the disaster drags the characters of Fortnit into a crusade against the cube, which spreads darkness and obsession throughout the island. They made it, and the cube died, which gave us an idea of the noose.

Of course this isn’t the last Kevin, you can see the fragment that fell before he died, and although it’s a jewel on his back, Kevin’s ice is still a piece of ice, but the area where he died has no energy. It was probably a by-product of the destruction of the dice.

In STW the cube also appears, and while STW and BR seem to be two totally different stories, the Universe Cube is still there. First, if you kill the king of the storm, it is visible underneath, then Lok sees the cube in the fairy tale Lok’s stories of BEYOND and it appears physically. The cube in STW seems to have an effect if it can control people’s minds.

The BR cube can produce dark versions of the characters that come into contact with it. For example, for example… A dark bomber.

In STW Storm he can do that too, the main ability of a storm is to copy things, and in the plot, Imposter, Dennis copies it perfectly.

Now think about the possibility of copying.

Let’s go to the Shin Godzilla part. In the film, Godzilla is a constantly evolving creature that fights against humans. He ultimately failed because the people formed an alliance to find a way to defeat him.

Simply put: Godzilla was defeated by the union.

But it’s not over yet. At the end of the film, a secret is revealed. Godzilla’s tail, which has evolved to emit the same kind of radioactive laser from above as Godzilla does in making his mouth, is still evolving.

From the tip of the tail, which has been turned into a laser, humanoid creatures appear.

Godzilla was defeated by the Union, so Godzilla became a Union…

What if Kevin Cube did the same thing?

The cubic devils are our first look. Although they’re not very strong in themselves, they’re many.

Loaded with the magic of the Ice King, the Ice Devils now have the ability to fight over long distances. But the devils are not a union.

Remember how the Cube can copy people? The black bomber and the rest of the shadowy characters are all characters Kevin copied.

However, it seems that these copies act as they see fit.

Now you go into the middle of the shadows. We know Henchman did it to bring Midas back to life or to copy him or something.

The fact is that they used some kind of ritual, i.e. the same ritual did not use a fragment of Kevin, which can still be found on the map in chapter 2. How can we know that? Fornitmars last year. The bad guys can’t exist without Kevin, as was proven when he disappeared when he died, but came back when the fragment was used by the Ice King. (The cube also affects gravity, as you can see when you jump on it, or how it forced different land masses to hover, and you can see Midas’ golden chair hovering, which proves once again that a piece of cube was used. The ice king could also swim while casting his spell in season 7).

But Shadow Midas is different. It has the power of a cube, but something new that dies within a radius of 3000 meters comes to life like a shadow.

These shadows act as a team with one goal: TO TURN EACH ONE INTO A SHADOW.

They act like different minds thinking together, they’re an alliance.

Kevin was beaten by the intertwined Hero Fortnites. So to defeat the Fortnite heroes, Kevin must unite… You’re weak now… …but this can only be the beginning…

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