The sixth. November Sony has lifted the ban on PlayStation 5. We have selected the most important points.

General impression

  • Almost all publications indicate that the new generation is not concerned with what games look like, but how they feel. This includes faster loading, smoother frame changes and the DualSense controller.
  • The console is not only big, it also breaks records. To install it, some adjustments need to be made on the inside.
  • The dark plastic in the middle of the console captures dust and fingerprints well.
  • The cabin seems a bit cheap in terms of material, but it serves its purpose – it keeps the aircraft stable enough.
  • The user has 667.2 GB of memory available for games, which can only be expanded for PS4 games.
  • The console is silent and does not heat up.
  • Like the DualShock 4, the DualSense works with a 6-7 hour charge.
  • None of the games uses the controller as interestingly as the Astro Game Room, but its features are already supported in several third-party games, including Pathless. Journalists believe that the controller is clearly not only used by Sony itself – all its new features don’t change the gameplay itself, only the way it feels.
  • The download time for most games has been reduced from 2 to 3 times. Miles Morales has a cold start before the game lasts 17 seconds.

The main thing from the First PlayStation 5 reviews


  • Sony does not have an analogue Quick Resume, which allows multiple sets to be downloaded from RAM to SSD at the same time and launched in 4-5 seconds. Instead, PS5 has a regular application switch that remembers the latest applications you launched.
  • The system’s main menu is as simple as possible – games can’t even be stored in folders. However, the theme menu itself has become much more functional – there are developer maps, guides, and other related information.
  • You can now edit screenshots and videos directly in the overlay without leaving the game itself.
  • The PS5 has an accurate and unfinished game time counter. It also works on backward compatibility

Reverse compatibility

  • Gone are the days and minds of Tsushima, who worked at 60 frames per second with no visible problems on PS5 – all thanks to recent fixes.
  • Bloodborne on PS5 still runs on 30 FPS, and the game still has problems with Frame Racing because the developers have not prepared an update.
  • For Dawn and The Evil Within is now shot at 60 frames per second.
  • As with the Xbox series, games with uneven frame rates on older consoles and multiple graphics modes are the most successful. In performance mode, you can now even run the PS5 at 60 frames per second without slowing it down. This is the case, for example, with the rise of the grave robber.
  • For some games, the backward compatibility of the PS5 is greater than that of the Xbox Series X, which is due to the weakness of the PS4 Pro compared to the Xbox One x. In Sekiro, for example, the PS5, like the PS4 Pro, aims for 1800p, so the game runs at an ideal speed of 60 frames per second, and the Xbox X series has up to 55 frames of rendering thanks to the higher settings of One X.
  • Knack now works in 60 fps resolution mode, although the PS4 Pro’s frame rate has dropped below 30.
  • If you are using Sleeping Dogs and DOOM Eternal, the compatibility notifications on your console may be incomplete, but both games work well.
  • The floppy version of Assassin’s Creed Unity on PS5 doesn’t work as well as on Xbox Series X – there are drawings up to 30 FPS. This may be due to the limitations of boost mode on PS5.
  • In general, backward compatibility is easier on PS5 than on X-series Xboxes. The new console does not add additional anisotropic filtering or Auto-HDR to PS4 games. But the PS5 takes over the most important tasks – allowing older games with higher frame rates or resolutions if they are dynamic.

The most important thing is that PS4 owners who want to upgrade to PS5 can relax. Your games will work, even with additional features.

Richard Leader Digital Foundry

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