Like Star Wars, The Sims 4 is suitable for all demographics, even for those who normally aren’t interested in the game.

That makes them a heavenly couple. And it was only a matter of time before they met in Batuu for some kind of expansion of Journey in Batuu DLC on TS4.

But the Star Wars DLC is not the only way to bring chlorine drugs into your Simms’ life. The modders have worked hard to make Star Wars CC since the release of TS4, and we’re going to take a look at some of the best of them.

15. Star Wars Universal Hats

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Many real-life fans love the cosplay characters in the Star Wars franchise, whether or not they’re of their gender.

Although these Star Wars caps were already present in the basic game, unfortunately they were only attached on one floor. With this mod you can customize them to your liking.

Create a sexy Father Woman, an eccentric Leia man – or just use them as accessories for any costume you can think of.

14. Facial colour of Asoka Tano

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Few characters in the Star Wars universe are as cool as Ahsoka Tano, the Jedi-trained rebel leader who played a major role in resisting the Galactic Empire between the first two trilogies.

With this fashionable makeup, your Sims can take their fighting spirit with them. You’d have to be a real expert to know they’re not really from the planet Shealy.

The same author offers us a facial painting that both have in common, but also a model inspired by the wise and patient Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

13. Star Wars Christmas jersey

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Holidays are a special time of year when you can withdraw from the worries of the world and focus on the essentials: the marathon of friends, family and star wars.

These Star Wars Christmas sweaters are ideal to keep the Sims warm during the cold months while showing their pride in Star Wars.

They are available in three different models that depict iconic battles and memorable scenes full of detail, such as the Death Star, the BB8 and Luke hanging upside down in the Hottest.

They all have a charming aquamarine base colour that enhances the knitting pattern.

12. Yoda earrings for children

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Another fantastic opportunity for your Sym to present its fandom-style Star Wars earrings, which are available in eight different colors.

Little Yoda is charming, and after so many memories of the Mandalorian era, there is not a soul that does not recognize this little blue bundle.

These earrings will be jealous of everyone in real life, and they’ll definitely be present in the virtual realm of Sims 4.

It will be difficult for you to find a more delicate accessory to show your love for distant galaxies.

11. Printed beaded dresses

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Instead of soft accessories you can let your clothes scream everywhere by Star Wars.

Then you might be interested in these printed Bodaikon dresses.

This set of short, sleek, sleeveless, science-fiction-themed dresses is great to go out and have fun with the pride of Star Wars fans gushing out of every pore as you dance all night long – or, like on your SIM card.

There’s a Light Side variant based on the world’s most famous Droid – R2D2 – and a Sith variant in you based on Darth Vader’s high-tech suit.

10. Fanboy Teaez Star Wars

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Perhaps the best option for daily use is this Star Wars Fanboy Teez, with a design that is a little more upfront than our previous photos.

This tutu contains ten beautiful drawings depicting the Millennium Falcon, a stencilled storming helmet, rebel clothing and even a hairy torso by Chewbacca Wooka!

It’s exactly what you need to celebrate your arrival in Batuu – or just to let everyone know how turbo your Sim is.

9. Star Wars TeaezTravel Announcement

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The same author brings us these Star Wars Travel Teez posters, which are probably better suited for cherries that prefer a little subtlety and taste instead of looking like they’re wearing Chewbacca skin on their upper body.

These t-shirts have a design that mimics travel ads in the style of the 60’s and 70’s, with signatures such as Travel Around Coruscant, Alderaans Moonlight Experience and simply advertise travel events such as Boonta Eve Classic on Tattooine.

This package contains eight fantastic designs that can be worn on any floor and on any body type.

8. Light beacons

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If you want to immerse your characters in the legends of Star Wars and can’t wait to start your journey to Batuu, this CC Lightsaber accessory might be the right one to capture.

They are probably the best on the market, with a healthy glow and a clean design that far surpasses other bright mosques in the region.

One of its best features is that it is available in eight different colours, ranging from dark red to Mace Windu purple.

Variety will not be a problem in this kit!

7. Jedi Knight Tutu Knight

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Once you have the lightsabers, you need a way to show them other than with a sword in your hand – and what better way to show them than a Jedi Knight pose?

This collection of Cazmari poses offers everything you need to take cool screenshots or create interesting scenes. There are defensive postures, intermediate flight positions and even some worship positions in case of force majeure.

Another option comes from Simunderstood, which offers a set of more battle-oriented mosques.

And if you need a direct link to the installation package, you can find it here on Sim File Share.

6. Star Wars Art Collection

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When you’re done dressing up the Sims, it’s time to decorate their homes with merchandise worthy of real Star Wars connoisseurs.

These tasteful and artistic Star Wars posters/images show some of the most iconic scenes, characters and locations from each episode of the first two trilogies, in styles ranging from template to pop art.

They fit into the bedroom of any Star Wars fan and add fantastic details to give a little personality to other parts of the house.

5. Custom Star Wars Simulations

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Do you want Ray in your game? Kaylo Wren? What about Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Don’t worry, the creators on StarWarsSim’s Tumbler are behind you.

This handy tumblr site brings together many of the artists and creators who brought the Star Wars hero to life in The Sims 4.

They have a varied, episodically ordered index of the three trilogies, and many of them don’t even use CC or things from DLC extensions.

I especially like Qui-Gon Gene, who looks like Liam Neeson in Ghost Menace and Jane Solo in Star Wars Legend.

4. Radiation dress

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Instead of downloading a character, you can always dress up your own Sims as your favorite heroes – and few outfits are as pretty as these Maxis Match Rey dresses.

There is a certain sweetness in these flowery dresses that distinguishes them from the rubble. They are simple, attractive and will look great on any sim woman. They are also available in different colours, from the original beige to dark shades.

This outfit is made by the same author as our previously purchased lightsabers, so together they form a fantastic combination.

3. StarWarSims – Hardware Modpack

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Instead of chasing a few CC pieces, I prefer complex mod packs, where I like to discover new things while playing.

This StarWarSims Modpack is for Star Wars style furniture only.

There are fridges with Star Wars posters, garbage cans with Star Wars stickers, including symbols of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, and huge carpets with fantastic images of ukiyo-e.

There is also a Death Star grill and a kitchen set inspired by Darth Vader’s high-tech case.

It’s very diverse and you’ll probably enjoy it.

2. Star Wars sleep set

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Each respectable Star Wars monster has a room to keep their collections and enjoy the smell of plastic and ink as you surrender to Jedi meditation – and this CC Star Wars room is perfect to help decorate your Sim.

It includes an amazing Star Wars carpet, modern furniture with Star Wars stickers, tons of posters and other decorative and tasteful applied art forms.

There is even a life-size image of the Stormtrooper model that you can add to your collection!

Whether you’re designing a showroom or a science-fiction children’s room, with this bedroom set you’re covered.

1. From the distant galaxy

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Of course you can also get Star Wars related material or decorate your room with cool items.

But how about turning your house into the interior of a Star Warship?

The Modpack From a Far Galaxy contains everything you need to create a fantastic spaceship interior. It contains several Star War specific items, such as flying neckties (which replace cameras), a R2D2 jukebox, an AT-ST Walker mailbox and much more.

There is even exotic flora for your garden and the space chess table that the millenium falcon saw.

Whether you want to add a few high-tech details to the space or turn it into a death star, it’s better.

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