Cooperative board games are a great way to communicate with friends, family and other players. Considering how much time everyone spends watching screens these days, it’s a good way to communicate with others through the game! Choose one of the best cooperative board games from our Top 10 list.

Although the rules are simple and the game itself is easy to learn, this cooperative game is a good dose of challenge for any group. Is this one of those games – because they no longer exist? – that I would like to invent. It is an accessory for master designer Wolfgang Warsch, who is being interviewed here by Opinion Gamers.

Top 10 Best Cooperative Board Games | Play Today

Take 2 or 3 friends and deal cards that work from 1 to 100. Players must find out who has the fewest cards without telling the other players. Once you’ve played, you’ll understand why everyone gets restless. Check the price. – Attention.

In 2008 Matt Leacock developed the game, which will be the undisputed king and one of the best cooperative board games. A pandemic enables actors to fight an epidemic in the world and save humanity. The players consist of a team of disease specialists who study the treatment of four diseases and treat the hot spots before the situation gets out of hand. Players travel to major cities around the world to treat infected patients and must be tactful in their game. And, of course, the maps that accelerate and spread the disease can be provoked in unpredictable ways, making it so difficult to save humanity that, strangely enough, it now seems more important than ever. Check the price – pandemic.

It is a definition of a cooperative game and a classic. You can read the full Hanabi presentation. Top 10 Best Cooperative Board Games | Play Today It is easy to learn, players are dealt 4 or 5 cards (depending on the number of players) and the cards are kept face up so that each player can see all the cards except his own. Players must discard cards of the same suit in the order of their number and give other players instructions about their cards. The game has no frills, but the target is clean and sparks fly. Check the price – Hanabi.

In this game one player stands out as a ghost and all the others as media. Top 10 Best Cooperative Board Games | Play Today A ghost tries to solve a crime using the media by remembering the details of the night of the murder. There are locations, suspects and other maps with murder weapons that a ghost appropriates for each medium in the hope of solving a murder. These maps give lucky people a kind of vision. Can clairvoyants find out what the ghost is trying to tell them before 7:00 P.M.? An award-winning board game for those who like to tell stories with social deductions, such as a game wrapped in murder and a puzzle to solve. Check the price – mystery.

In this challenging and entertaining board game, with an 8.4 out of 10 geek board games, players can form coalitions to protect their sacred land from intruders. Extreme theme players take the form of different earthly spirits with unique natural forces. For themed games, I recommend Yokohama or the clans of Caledonia, which you can find on our best board game strategies. Use your powers to unite the locals and keep the invading settlers away from your sacred land. Strangers will exploit and invade your country and build towns and villages, exposing the inhabitants to attacks and possibly death. To defeat these invaders to conquer, conquer and experience magic. Check the price – Spirit Island.

This game is one of the best new cooperative board games and takes you and your friends to the deep dungeon of a terrible cave system. All players work together and use their special powers to explore the cave system and survive floods and disasters. Each player has a special ability to help the rest of the team. The game has a limited number of cards, and the cards reveal different characteristics and challenges. The reality map shows the depth of your situation. Escape with all your special skills and tactics with your tunneling companions before time runs out. Check the price – sub-terrace.

Have you ever wanted to rob a bank? Burgle Brothers is a challenging and dynamically collaborative board game set on Kickstarter, where you try to do a successful three-story burglary in a high-security building.

Top 10 Best Cooperative Board Games | Play Today

Armed with guards, systems and traps that can tear you to pieces, use your tactics and stealth markers to overcome obstacles, loot the three floors and go to the roof where the helicopter is waiting for you.

If a player without a camouflaged badge is caught by a goalkeeper, the team loses. However, if the raid goes as planned and the team escapes by helicopter, you win. Check the price – Burgle Brothers.

The Betrayal of the Haunted Hill House was published by Avalon Hill in 2004 and remains one of the most popular cooperative and adventurous games on the market, probably because of its horror and ghost aspect. Players design and create different levels of their own haunted house and can choose new room tiles to continue their research and program.

Top 10 Best Cooperative Board Games | Play Today

In this scenario and role-playing game, which consists of 2 phases (exploration and chase), there are many more, including action through dice, zombies, vampires and the betrayal of one of the players. Come here for a fascinating moment and experience betrayal in the Hill Haunted House. Check the price!

The Arkham Horror is not for nonsense, because it can take up to 6 hours and has a steep learning curve. Immerse yourself in the streets of Arham, because each character has his own reasons to be part of the mission, and each player has an individual card game to help him in his quest to solve the mysteries of the game.

Top 10 Best Cooperative Board Games | Play Today

As players progress in this fascinating and exciting fantasy game, they will have to make certain decisions that will affect the whole game. Arkham Horror is the best game for adults who love role-playing games, so don’t consider it just any card game, although fortunately Arkham Horror is now available. Check the price – The Terror of Arkham.

Cat Rescue is a fun game in which players work together to rescue cats from the street or a foster home and send them to a new home! Ta-Te Wu is a game designer and players create a 4×4 grid by drawing cards and moving the cats around the room to meet the criteria for a successful cat rescue! A colorful, funny and fascinating game where you feel at ease, where you feel good after the game because you know you did the right thing and found your charming kittens at home.

Play this game with your friends and work together to score points. Choose 25 points or more and you become the official cat whisperer, 30 points or more and you become a meowing cat. Check the price – Cat’s Rescue.

Pandemic Legacy, and now Pandemic Legacy 2, is on the public’s radar (the latter recently received a special Game of the Year award 2018). The game is divided into 12 to 24 campaigns, so that your team of disease specialists come together as the story unfolds to play each chapter. In other words, you could play this game for six months. Although Legacy may have the same scenario as Pandemic, there are twists and surprises that challenge and improve the game. Top 10 Best Cooperative Board Games | Play Today

In addition, the game has a special narrative element and function that builds up over time, increasing the intensity and satisfaction of the game. A must have, and here’s our list of the best board games for the whole family, with an excellent end-to-end line and a unique experience. The price of the check is Heritage Pandemic.

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