Top 11 Trending Roblox Games

Roblox is a gaming platform known exclusively as the hosting of user-created games. All their games are made with their game development tools. Thanks to its ease of use, more than 50 million players play Roblox, create games and exchange games.

However, with many games that may differ in their exact theme and design, it is easy to overlook some games. That’s why we’ve made a list of Roblox games, many of which differ in concept and style. There are indeed many good games, but this list contains some of our favorites.

Hiding and searching the extreme – Hiding or searching other players

In two groups you play online with other players. Are you watching or are you hiding? When you perform a search, it usually means that you are responsible for hunting other players on the map. If you want to hide, there will be a time limit for the round to start in a safe place – there are currently 1.1 billion views in the game, making it one of the most popular.

Shock block – similar to Counter-Strike, FPS game.

It would be better if you had a little more fun with the games you play. If that’s the case, maybe you can try something. This 5 vs. 5 counter-attack shooter sends players who fight in different game modes and on different maps. It is similar to Counter-Strike in terms of shooting performance, visual effects and movement. The Blox counter is updated daily with new content such as new shows and tickets. This game is an excellent example of Counter-Strike because it includes in-game purchases and allows players to buy items to gain a small advantage over other players.

Haut-Royal – Journey through the kingdoms and collect diamonds

Royale High is one of Roblox’s most popular games and has over 2.4 billion games at the time of writing. The Royal High School consists of several kingdoms in which your character can move freely. In the game you can communicate with other people, spend time in your house or apartment or even participate in diamond mining.

Working in a pizza parlour – Working and rewarding as an employee in a pizza parlour

You may have heard about working at a pizzeria when you were playing Roblox. This is a game that allows you to work as a pizzeria assistant. Your goal is to execute your customers’ orders well and accept money, which can help you grow and develop your business. This game offers different roles, and you can choose the one the cashier delivers. This game has 2.5 billion views, which makes it very popular in the Roblox community.

Theme park Mogul 2 – Build your own theme park and make the scary roller coaster

Have you always wanted to build your own amusement park? If so, you will surely enjoy this popular game. This game is a park simulator, although it’s been a long time since the last RollerCoaster Tycoon game, Theme Park Tycoon 2, was an absolutely useful game to fill this gap. This is an extremely difficult game in which you can build roller coasters for the participants in your amusement park. It’s a bit painful and satisfying to send riders into endless loops, but it’s quite fun, isn’t it?

Escaping from prison – breaking out of prison, buying cars and robbing banks

What began with a simple idea of how to create a game using Jailbreak? soon became one of the most popular games of Robox. With 3.8 billion hits, Jailbreak is a first-class game that puts your criminal skills to the test. Trying to escape from prison and stay away from the authorities is not your only goal. Your task is to improve your character, raise money in the city and buy vehicles to achieve your goals. Since this is one of the most popular games, you’ll find constant updates and problems that are resolved to attract more players.

MeepCity is a lightweight RPG similar to Club Penguin and Toontown.

Playing games like Action can be tiring, so this is where such a game comes into mind. It is a social game / RPG where you can join the huge servers and play with other users. MeepCity is similar to Disney’s Toontown and Club Penguin, which clearly explains the characteristics that influenced these two games. You can hang out with friends, sell flowers and collect furniture for your home, just like in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing : New horizons.

Murder Mystery 2 – Creation in three different roles and participation in a game full of secrets

If you’ve played modern FPS shooting games, you probably know the Infected mode. Murder Mystery 2 works the same way, but with a little more style. They will reproduce as three different coils: Innocent, murderer or sheriff. Depending on the purpose of your character, your goals will change. The killer must kill, and the sheriff must stop the killer. Innocent people have a job to find the killer and tell the sheriff. It’s a very complex multiplayer game, but with 2.8 billion views it doesn’t seem to distract people from its complexity.

RooM is a game that closely resembles the classic DOOM.

In case you’re wondering, RooM is similar to DOOM, and they both look the same. You can do anything you want, such as collecting bonuses, killing demons and improvising on the vibrating metal soundtrack. This game has had copyright issues in the past for several reasons, but now you can play it on Roblox.

Welcome to Bloxburg – like The Sims, the life simulation game

This game is similar to The Sims and has a simulator where you have to live, work and build your house. This is a premium paid game that is still in beta testing phase. However, it is as complete as the most popular games in the Roblox community. Before you build a house, you have to earn money by taking part in one of the 12 tasks, for example by becoming a lumberjack, hairdresser or cashier. You will have to earn money to improve your home, buy vehicles and make other purchases to improve your life. With 2.4 billion hits, this game undoubtedly attracts players thanks to constant improvements in the game.

Adopt me! – Adopt, feed and take care of animals.

With 8.5 billion hits, this game is the highest quality level of all the other games mentioned. Who wouldn’t want to adopt beautiful animals like cats, monkeys and dogs? In this role-playing game you can design your own house and take care of your pet. You need to feed, wash and play your pets to make sure they are healthy and you will only get a financial reward if you do it right. Why doesn’t it work in real life? The developer of this game hopes that it will encourage its users to adopt pets around the world.

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