Board games are one of my favorite ways to spend time with my family.  There are many reasons for that, except that board games are just for fun! Funny story, game, winner?  It’s also a great way to communicate and spend time with your loved ones.  Besides, you always learn something about a man when you spend so much time with him. What more does a girl want? More and more board games appear on the market every day, and soon they will become one of the favorite moments of yesterday’s America. Then join the group! Check out our list of family board games.

Dixit is a game of the ULTIMATE family. Fun and carefree, Dixit also requires skill, logic, creativity and intuition. 3 to 6 people can play at the same time and each player first gets 6 cards with the picture. These cards can be specific or abstract, and the player in turn gives directions on his cards. Players want to give a good clue by describing their card, but they don’t want it to be so obvious, because all other players will also throw a card that they think fits your clue best. Catch? Nobody knows who this card belongs to. Players guess which card is yours (you don’t guess this round), and those who guess your card correctly and whose own cards guess those of others get points. Incredibly creative and smart. It’s our first recommendation for family board games. Check the price – Dixit.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List Learning time: 25 minutesLevel: Take it easy, new man.

The best carefree and fun game for the whole family to enjoy

If I dream of giving Dixite a good return for his money. This fascinating game is slightly more complex and requires more skill. The themes are similar, but when I play, when I dream, players have to wear a sleeping mask to imitate the person going to bed, but they also have to hide the cards from them. The group gives advice on cards; the fairies will help you, but the bogeyman will try to confuse you. Collect points at the end of the game for correctly guessing and remembering your guesses. Since she plays 4-10, this is our first recommendation in the Best Board game for the Big Family category. The price of a check is when I dream.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List

Apprenticeship time: 20-25 minutesLevel:Beginner to reseller

You won’t regret playing this game, ideal for large groups.

New game for 2018, Reef is a great family game because it is easy to learn, dynamic enough to be interesting, and has a fun theme in addition to the tactile shapes and spatial elements. Players must build their reefs with 4 colorful playing pieces that can be put together. Using cards to select markers and shapes to form dots (both vertically and horizontally), players must maneuver and develop strategies to eventually move forward. Immersed and good for a number of players, Reef plays with 2-4 players. Check the price – reef.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List It’s time to learn : Level 15 minutes: Take it easy, new man.

This game wins your heart with a fun theme and a lot of effort.

Code names are a big family game. Like Dixit, code names require logic, creativity and intuition, but that’s where the similarities between the games end, because code names is a complicated game with words and images, using clues and a killer card. To play, 25 cards with a wide variety of images are revealed. Each team has to guess all their cards well in order to win. Each team chooses a Spymaster to give advice about the cards, and the advice should be a word and a number. The word describes the cards, and the number indicates how many cards are connected to the word clue. Opposing teams can have between 4 and 8 players. In our list of the best 2-player board games you will also find the 2-player Duet version.

Players want to guess as many cards as possible for the other team in each round, giving a fairly concrete clue and avoiding the killer card! Check the price – code name.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List Learning time: 25 minutesLevel: Newcomer to the intermediary

A must have – winner 2016 in the Spiel de Jar for best board game of the year


Camel Up is a classic family game that is absolutely fun, entertaining and exciting, with ups and downs, twists and turns! This game is especially fun for those who love excitement with low odds and friendly betting. For the game, 5 camels run on a short track, but the camels can run on top of each other, changing the order of the camels with each roll of the dice. There are different patterns and the camels move when their colored cubes are accidentally released from the pyramid. Players in turn have various options, from betting to blocking and throwing in the pyramid, all of which contribute to this wild and unpredictable race. Don’t forget that camels crash into herds so a good or bad throw can change everything! Check the price, camel.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List Learning time: 55 minutesLevel: New at Intermediair

After the investment in learning to play, this game offers endless excitement and doom for the whole family


The name really suggests that there is an element of intrigue in the game – it is also an incredibly exciting and provocative game, because the elements can quickly change in this fast-paced western city where the name of the game is money and points.

Each round (4 in total) goes through the same mechanism of selecting seven characters, each with their own specific advantages, and then selecting actions in order of priority. Cowboys are placed on the board so you can build houses, claim land, money, victory points and much more. A duel can also take place if there are several players in the same place! Construction, intrigue and duel – everything you’ve built and claimed is added to your points, and the player with the most points wins the game. Check out the Carson City fare.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List Learning time:1 hourLevel: Moderate to difficult

Only for the spirited, excited and potentially fascinating western players

It is probably the best selling board game and generally one of the best cooperative board games ever made. Extremely popular game, all team members are working together to cure the world of diseases of this large-scale pandemic! Each player has a role-playing card with unique features to help them on their journey to rid countries of viruses and epidemics while terror reigns. It is a fascinating logistical game in which determining the next step can be crucial for global health, especially since a pandemic can be triggered at any time, speeding up the spread of the disease! Persuasion and diplomacy are not the only important elements here; we also need to accurately assess the state of the epidemics that can win or lose the game for everyone. The price of the check.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List Time to learn: 1 hourLevel: Moderate to difficult

pandemic so popular, Heritage Pandemic, a game played in 12-24 sessions, was created and has surpassed thenation.

Learning time:1 hourLevel: Moderate to difficult

Hanabi is a phenomenal game for families and one of the best cooperative games in design. It is easy to learn, players are dealt 4 or 5 cards, depending on the number of players. Players cannot see their own cards, which is quite unique. The cards are placed face up so that each player can see the cards of all other players except his own. Cards can be red, green, blue, yellow or white and carry the numbers 1 to 5. The aim of the game is to place all the cards in order of their number according to their colour and to give the player directions on his cards. For more information about playing Hanabi, read my full review here. The game seems quite simple, but there are many inputs and outputs and nuances in these levels of communication and teamwork. Check the price – Hanabi.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List

Learning time: 20 minutesLevel: High School

Great cooperative play and communication better than ever

The only social cheat in our list of the best family board games is an excerpt from the classic social cheat, Resistance. Are you Arthur’s good servant or Mordred’s bad servant? Are you going to vote against a mission of hidden knowledge like Merlin’s, or does your instinct tell you otherwise? Fight to the end, like good and evil, fight to the end, no one knows the role of another player or team and use social deductions to convince other players of your hidden intentions. The price of the check is Avalon.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List Learning time: 30 minutesLevel: Moderate to difficult

Can you use your social deduction skills to influence others and apply logic? If so, this game isfor you.

A light strategy game where the cards and card games whistle at you, and you have to make sushi, sashimi and tempura come alive, not to mention dessert, and your opponents choose how the different types of food will earn you points. As a perennial, easy to learn and easy to play pet Go-Sushi requires quick thinking and decisions and of course a love of sushi! Check the price. – Sushi Go.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List Learning time: 20 minutesLevel: Simply

set of 2 cards Tempura score 5 points and set of 3 cards Sashimi score 10 pointsset of 2 cards Tempura score 5 points and set of 3 cards Sashimi score 10 points


Incredible and insatiable team game for lovers of words and detective work, this game is an absolute must and must be played. In short, the players turn around and give you clues about the words and have to guess which clue relates to which word. However, the other team will also take your cues and try to guess which one of your cues matches your words – and can beat you by keeping the right order! Check the price of DeCrypto.
Top 14 Best Family Board Games List

It’s time to learn: Level 20 minutes: High School

Fun, entertainment, challenges, one of the best family games in 2018


This is a fun and challenging space dice building game for families, where architects with different levers can score points. Players have cube models that they have to build with certain material properties and other building criteria that they have to meet. There are also bonus points for popular material and construction awards such as the Structural Integrity Award and the Surveyor’s Award. The price of the cheque is BluePrint.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List Learning time: 20 minutesLevel: Moderate to difficult

For the love of the dice and the big space game


The enormous and explosive success of Kickstarter, which in 2015 raised more than 8 million kittens in less than a month, has made Exploding Kittens the favourite kitten of kitten lovers all over the world. With a deck of cards and two kittens exploding with a time bomb on top, this game can drive the player crazy with every movement in a row. There are a limited number of cards to help you blow up your kitten, as well as activities such as Nope, Attack, See The Future and other fun activities that make you crazy about mechanics. The creative approach in the form of drawings and sentences on the cards is on a different level and will lift the veil on kittens and people! A fun game not to be missed! Check the price – kittens exploding.

Pay attention: There is a family version and a version for the New South Front – the buyer should be warned!

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List Learning time: 20 minutesLevel: High School

Shuffle cards: The plague of bats farts from the air

There are many ways to teach your children how to survive, and although I am in no way qualified to give advice to parents, I can offer you a fun game where you teach your children not to be eaten by sharks in this fun shark/sail/white/boat touch tile game!  Force games are a great success, the game board is really fun and the goal is to get your people ashore before one of the many growing threats attack you or your boat. An exciting game where you have to place and move pieces, flip tiles and make difficult decisions along the way. Check the price – survive: Escape from Atlantis.
Top 14 Best Family Board Games List

Learning time: 25 minutesLevel: High School

Do you want to go swimming with the whales? Please don’t tilt my boat!


Machi Koro is Japan’s answer to the settlers of Catana. In the 2-4 players there are similarities in the structure of the game and in the dice component, but the mechanisms of the group game are influenced more than in Catan. In Machi Koro, your game involves each player in building your village from start to finish. This game is more difficult than most of the games on our list of best family board games and comes closest to the Euro style. This game takes 60-90 minutes to learn and build and is an intermezzo for the difficulty level. The price of the check is Machi Koro.

Top 14 Best Family Board Games List

Learning time:45 minutesLevel: High School

Beautifully designed maps – build a bakery, wheat field, amusement park and radio tower in your city

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