Do you have travel sickness? Do you want to scratch your head angry because the train doesn’t completely enclose the tracks you just laid, just to see that you only missed one spot on the track? Then Transport Fever 2 is a game for you! From a horse-drawn carriage to a self-propelled electronic truck – with Transport Fever 2 you can build up your own transport empire!

No matter how good this game is, I’m not sure I can say it’s a good game. It doesn’t look like there’s much game, but there’s plenty of room to redo what you’ve just done and figure out how to improve it. That’s good, but the ratio seems weirder than in other traffic games. I’m used to putting one or two cars on the road and letting them do their job for a couple of years. In Transport Fever 2, it seemed that at least three vehicles on the same route would lead to bankruptcy. I usually played in sandbox mode, the real way to experience this kind of game, and I was able to start a $100 million company shortly after the numbers had dropped.

But there is no multiplayer that, frankly, deprives me of a lot of fun. The graphics are good and make the game really more attractive. I think one of the reasons I couldn’t come back to OpenTTD was because I wanted to know how to use Transport Fever 2 better and easier. It struck me that goods between cities are not one thing, and maybe that’s why Transport Fever 2 seemed empty at first sight. It was nice to see that the factory and raw material production sites grew along with the surrounding cities and their demand for goods, which meant that more goods had to be transported and more efficient lines were created. That was the only real problem with this game: As the map became more productive and populated, the game seemed to become less and less stable over time. This can be a personal experience because I only have one computer to test. Even music boxes can be part of the problem; the more time passes, the more problems with automatic backup. An excellent compromise for the great performance you can get by playing in real time. I laughed and laughed a lot.

Beautiful roads in traffic fever 2

The relationship between trucks and goods on the lines is incredibly important in this game. To hell with it, I built a huge train that connected every city on the map and it lost $3 million a year. The boats were great for moving things from one side of the map to the other, but they were so slow that the service costs piled up and they lost money. Shuttle trains and truck systems of all sizes never seemed to be a problem to me. Airplanes also did wonders, but the pollution was so great that their location near the city could stop their growth. In general, learning how to handle the way you transport things or people seems to play a big role in this game, but once you get past the learning curve, it’s worth it.

I recommend this game for those who want a simple transport simulator. The campaign mode is 100% adapted to beginners and teaches you all the nuances of starting a business. If you’re looking for a more intense game to build massive transportation systems, I recommend you wait for the release of the multiplayer update. But generally transport fever 2 scratches the itch you have for the transport simulator. And if you want to see more content like this article, feel free to follow it on Twitter and Facebook – for all your entertainment and technical needs!

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