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Sinbucks: Ultimate Knockout has conquered the world, and not for nothing. The Devolver Digital Hybrid Party for Piano Battle combines deceptively simple platform gameplay with multiplayer crafting and adds fun, colorful chaos.

In the hunt for the winner’s crown, you lead the human beans through obstacle courses in search of happiness and a little skill. To help you get started in this crazy world, we give you tips and tricks that will help you survive the 59 other players.


Yeah, you’ve seen the game in feeds, memes, and maybe in your own sessions. But do you have SEEN in the game? There are things the game doesn’t tell you that you can use to your advantage. Like a button to display names. Depending on the platform, pressing L2, LT or Tab will display the names above the other players. This is especially useful in minigames (Tail Tag, Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble) where opponents use structures to sneak in or hide. The indication of the players’ names gives you an idea of each player’s location.

And if visions aren’t enough, change your perspective. Most players do not often play with the camera, but prefer to hold a third person, the frame. Camera rotation works particularly well with Slime Climb, i.e. at the points where the platforms slide in and out. If you change your perspective, the game turns into a side scroll and you get a better view of the obstacles. Camera control is also important in minigames like Roll Out, where you can lose the overview if you don’t have a flat perspective.

Ultimate Knockout Tips & Tricks –

So we can see it. Mini-games like Tip Toe or Door Dash may seem pretty random, but there are subtle visual clues that can help you stay away from the crowd. False tiles are forged on the toes from time to time and can be avoided. In Door Dash, the real doors are slightly shorter than the fake ones.


The dive button must be your best friend. Although it plays an important role in marking Hoopie Daisy, it can be used in almost any trick, either to cut corners or as a final attempt in a ditch. In Tip Toe you can overcome a brick break by jumping into the water to overtake the backpack. At Fruit Chute a good first dive on the treadmill gives you an early belt instead of walking on it. If you encounter an obstacle at the end of the climb, a dive can save you. In Door Dash, you can avoid a crowd at the door by jumping on other players.

Ultimate Knockout Tips & Tricks –

Diving will be useful in most team mini-games. A dive in time can send the ball to rock ‘n’ roll, drop the ball and hoard it, and a good throw during the dive can help you throw an egg into your basket from a distance. And you know you’ll master the game if you can jump off the springboard and grab your opponent’s tail.

The most important thing is to make it a jump point over the finish line. Not only does it look cool, but it can also help you jump over all kinds of wedges. But don’t forget that diving is hypothermic; a failed jump can cost you a split second and in minigames like Hex-A-Gone it can kill you.

Plan and adjustment

In the chaos of the Fall Guys races, order often prevails. Although every race is different, you can reduce your chances by following safer routes.

Ultimate Knockout Tips & Tricks –

In the obstacle most of the fruit falls in the middle of the conveyor belt. By sticking to the left or right flank you can get some kind of cover by the pink pyramids. At dizzying heights, follow the direction of the turntable and if the path splits later, choose the right side, which is a little faster. In the diagrams, the decrease of rotating stems can sometimes be even faster in the beginning. Try to get to See-Saw through the middle of the platforms. Holding the right side of the mountain ascent in the autumn finale can also lead you to the crown – don’t forget to press the hanging button!

Then there are the shortcuts. In Slime Climb you used to be able to jump on yellow triangles to literally cut off a corner. This brings us to the adjustment part of our advice. The short climb can give you some respite, but if the crowd tries to do the same for you, it can hinder your progress. You have to choose places and stay calm, even if the best plans fail.

An example is a jumping strategy in Hex-A-Goni. If tiles disappear when touched and players fall to a lower level, you can try to maximize your time on the platform by jumping from tile to tile instead of running. Rarely, however, everything goes so well, and often a mistake (or especially a cunning opponent) can cause you to fall into the lower levels. Here you can switch from defense to attack and remove the naked platforms below to make players fail.

Knowing your role

We all agree that mini-team games are worthless. You can’t communicate, a qualification deficit in a team can be sanctioned and you can score points and stay on the losing side. The only way to maximize your chances is to choose a role and stick to it.

Ultimate Knockout Tips & Tricks –

Having a teammate who doesn’t do anything is disappointing, but it’s just as disappointing for someone who tries to do everything. In this way, instead of chasing the ball like a headless chicken when it falls, the player can choose a goalkeeper and concentrate on defending. The situation is similar to rock ‘n’ roll: After the ball has hit a major slope, one or two players of the team may run down and decide to intercept the opponent’s ball. In Egg Scramble, a team with a healthy mix of supporters who steal the eggs and defenders who defend them often make good progress.

But even the above advice may not be enough, and failure will be painful. Which brings us to our last piece of advice…

Having fun

Despite the beautiful plywood, Fall Guys is still the piano of battle and the chance that the L is a dwarf in your victory column. If you follow our example, you will get closer to the crown, but luck and the 59 energetic opponents can get in the way of your plans. This is about laughing at the losses and getting back on the starting grid.

The game is called Fall Guys; falling and failing is half the fun. After all that’s been said and done, do you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share with us? Please let us know in the following remarks.

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