Unchained Gets Oculus Quest 2 Update with Visual Overhaul

Superbright has released a free update for In Death : Unchained, which provides extra support for the recent Oculus Quest 2 In Death: Unchained is the best archery rating in Oculus Quest and the new update is free for all game owners. The new update not only supports a new VR helmet, but also brings many new features and updates into the game.

Starting with detailed graphics, the new update will further improve the visual perfection of the game and the graphics even more than before. There will be new atmospheric effects in the game, and now everything is sharper and smoother than before. In addition to ongoing visual repairs, the developer also indicates that players can expect new visual updates, some of which will also be available for the original Oculus Quest VR helmet. It is also expected that the name Free DLC will appear somewhere in mid-November 2020.

said Wojtek Podgurski, CEO of Superbright:

We really wanted the update to show what the new headset can do, and this is probably the biggest Quest 2 update among the existing games.

The team has worked hard on the visual updates using the more muscular and modern Quest 2 hardware. We’ve been working on this since the release of the game, it’s taken a lot of effort, but now we can show off the whole game world at once, with cool new atmospheric effects that make the game even sharper and smoother. In Quest 2, the game is just more beautiful and fun.

Take a look at the comparative screenshots below:

The main features of the new Oculus Quest 2 update are as follows

A whole world at a time, with improved performance and quality – The game now loads and displays the whole world at once, so players can look into the distance, enjoy the air and get a better idea of the direction of the game.

New Atmospheric Fog – Built from Earth to Heaven to kill celestial sight: Without channels, the upgrade brings a new, large, multi-layered user fog that spans the globe.

Extra level tokens – the game world contains additional floating islands that help to fill the world outside the playing field.

Clearer image (Fixed Fixed Rendering disabled in Quest 2) – By combining game optimization with Quest 2 performance, the update turns Fixed Fixed Rendering off and shows a super sharp result in Quest 2.

New Cloud Shadows – The game adds a subtle cloud shadow effect to the entire level by adding a view of the sky.

Updated Snow Shader – Updated Snow Shader on rocks supporting buildings

Texture Filtering Update – Textured LOD/Mip cards are tuned for better quality in Quest 2, in combination with FFOV OFF, which improves the overall quality of the game and makes it look sharper.

Overall comfort – The game feels smoother, especially in big battles, thanks to increased CPU power and gameplay optimization.

They can’t wait to play to death: Unleashed in Oculus Quest 2? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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