Virtual Reality & Future Gaming –

The gaming industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing technological sectors in the world. With the advent of virtual reality, games now reach an unprecedented peak. This ever-improving business has shown the world how a single industry can adapt to most trends and fashions in the world. According to, the global market volume for augmented and virtual reality will be approximately $18.8 billion by 2020.

Virtual Reality & Future Gaming –

So, with signs of a serious increase in the power of the technology itself, the future of gaming looks brighter than ever.

What do you mean?

Virtual and augmented realities are literally the answer to your question.

So, first of all, what is virtual reality and augmented reality. Let’s take a look around!

What is a virtual reality game?

This immersive interface creates an incredibly realistic experience for players.

Virtual Reality & Future Gaming –

Features of VR games :

  • The VR game is an artificial copy of the real world with different themes, situations and environments.
  • Like any other kind of game, VR requires certain equipment such as VR helmets (360 degree 3D goggles), special game consoles and game gloves for a perfect experience.
  • Although game genres such as Battle Royale and other multiplayer games are not often available through VR, the future of this industry is certainly coming closer to these games. Currently, VR games are just an isolated game arena.
  • Virtual reality focuses on two main applications: games and immersive video, both of which present the virtual simulation of different artificial environments.

Advantages of RV Gaming

It is assumed that VR with such an advanced interface and development will leave nothing to chance in the coming years in the game industry. From nerve-racking horror games to final combat missions, VR is designed to open up the game world with its alluring advantages:

  • Help the player to focus and develop his combat skills in a 360° environment.
  • Capture the appeal of the players relatively faster.
  • The immersion allows the player to concentrate 100% on the game.
  • Increases the tension, feeling and playing experience to a surprisingly high level.
  • Specially designed devices offer the perfect gaming experience, anywhere, anytime.

Disadvantages of RV gambling

There’s no rose without a thorn. Given the many positive aspects of BP, there are still some shortcomings, which are expected to diminish as the technology develops in the near future.

  • Does not offer a long playing experience because of the risk of sprains and eye diseases. The recommended application period is too short.
  • They can be very unpleasant and traumatic due to their immersive nature. It is therefore not suitable for intensive play or slightly nervous players.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Another incredible new technology that will change the game world is augmented reality. This technology is in fact a real reality with some virtual additions.

A current and well known example of this amazing technology is the Pokemon Go.

This AR-based game attracted worldwide attention when it first showed the magic of AR in 2016. During the game, when you turn on your mobile (reality) camera, you can capture various Pokemon characters from around the world in a seemingly realistic way.

As far as the future of the gaming industry is concerned, augmented reality is certainly an emerging technology that could take a leading position in the various genres of games in the coming years.

How are VR and AR changing the future of games?

Horror games

What does a horror player normally want? A great joy, a frightening game and goosebumps. And what can be more than 360-degree gameplay with immersive environments and realistic graphics? There is nothing more exciting than VR and nowhere else in the future when it comes to horror games.

Educational game

In the recent past, an educational game has become a new category. What more can you ask for when you get the perfect combination of learning and fun at the same time? That’s why many industry giants are developing more and more educational video games, especially in the VR interface for better understanding, deeper learning and chin-chin entertainment.

Fighting games

With the monumental growth of multiplayer fighting games such as Fortnite, PubG, Call of Duty in recent years, Battle Royale Combat Gaming has undoubtedly become the number one category of games in the world. Developers work hard to provide the best graphics, realistic gameplay and impressive features. And what could be better than BP and AR? VR and AR games should show wonders in the battle genre, with players testing their characters almost to perfection.

Other categories

In addition to the main categories mentioned above, VR and AR must also perform miracles in various other game genres. Popular sports video games such as FIFA, PSE, etc. have also indicated that they will be launched in the VR world in the near future. Many developers plan to present impressive role-playing games with completely new graphics and environment. It is intended that various racing games, such as NFS, will also be available in VR to provide professional gamers with tasty graphics and attractive gameplay.

Last words

The advent of VR and AR technologies promises a huge explosion for the gaming industry in the years to come and shows the pros the way to tighten their belts and enter the spectacular realm of Unreal Reality!

Author biography: Ravi Kumar currently works as Digital Marketing Manager at XplorMedia, a search engine optimization company in the Delhi region. He keeps his WHRX blog with his friends. In the course of time, the audience has broadened and shared their opinions and interests. You can contact him via LinkedIn.

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