The New York Giants’ guy looks like Daniel Jones. The man he gave the ball to… Wait a minute, isn’t that Sakun Barkley? But doesn’t he have a knee injury?

Yeah, that’s right.

Take a good look. A very thoughtful look. They may be giants, but they’re not giants.

It’s a reasonable facsimile. Virtual, if you like.

It’s not the NFL game you’re looking at right now, it’s the NFL 2020 Sim. Not only can you play these games on PS5, but you can also watch them and bet on them.

Simms NFL is a popular activity for bookmakers and is available for betting on the best online sports betting sites.

A COWID-19 puzzle

When the KOVID 19 pandemic broke out, online betting sites were desperate because, one after the other, all the major North American sports seasons were interrupted.

First of all, the NCAA men’s basketball championship has been cancelled. Then the marching madness came to an end. The NBA, NHL and MLB and all the elite football leagues of the world soon followed.

What is a betting point when all the sports you normally bet on no longer exist?

It wasn’t a virtual dilemma, it was a real problem. Fortunately, there was a virtual solution in the world that was already being played out in human caves.

Virtual sport was supposed to have its day in the sun.

Virtual solution

If you have asked an experienced sports bettor what the initials AI stand for, the answer to your question might be the answer. AI and Answer are two nicknames given to the legendary Philadelphia security guard Allen Iverson in ’76.

In the world of sports simulators, this of course means artificial intelligence. If you’ve ever spent a quiet Sunday installing the Madden NFL on a PS5 and let the computer play the two teams against each other, you know exactly what a sports simulation game looks like.

Unlike the Esports, where people play video games together in sports simulations or virtual sports, the random number generator in NFL simulations determines the result of each game. The only human element in the equation during the game Giants-Cincnnati Bengals you just bet on is you – the person who bet on the sports simulator.

Virtual Reality

Virtual sport is not a new concept for sports betting. In fact, virtual sport is present online in the vast majority of top sports betting. Bet365 offers virtual thoroughbred and standard thoroughbred racing, greyhound racing, soccer, cricket, basketball, car racing, darts, cycling, basketball, tennis and speedway.

Bodogue practices many of these same sports as well as its own virtual sport, camel racing. BetOnline offers bets on the Madden NFL sports simulators. William Hill offers virtual horse racing on a daily basis.

These online sports books offer bets on all these virtual sports events for the same reasons that they offer a range of bets on real sports. It raises them money and offers the bookies extra shares.

Virtual Sports Finds Permanent Home At Online Betting Sites

EA’s Madden NFL 2020 game is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

As far as the real sport is concerned, competitions and tournaments take place according to a regulated schedule. Virtual sport is the loyal friend you make when you move in. You can count on them to always be there when you need them.

Virtual sports events start when you want them to start. Bet on one of them in a few minutes and you’ll see the race or race in front of your eyes. As far as betting is concerned, you have the same options as in the usual NFL competition on Sunday afternoon.

You are here to stay

While these NFL and other virtual sports simulators filled a much-needed void during a pandemic where real sports were blocked, sports betting sites have discovered that now that many have discovered the beauty and ease of betting on simulators, they are not about to disappear.

Say it’s Tuesday morning and you’re in the mood for some NFL action. You can turn off your PS5 and play Madden against the computer. You can also go to a sports betting site, bet on an NFL simulator, then sit back and fill your pockets with money while enjoying virtual sports events.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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