Places to play darts in Watch Dogs: Legion offers players a mini-game that they can play by adding another level of immersion to the game, and it’s a great way to kill time. If you want to know where to play darts in Watch Dogs: Legion, you hit the target.

Where to find playgrounds for the security darts: Legion

Dart locations in Watch Dogs: The Legion is scattered throughout the city, and you can spend some time there to relax or plan your next step. It also allows players to take a break and distract their attention from the London rescue to focus on what lies ahead. There are a total of 21 sets of darts at Watch Dogs: Legion

It is recommended that you, as a builder, visit all dart locations. This gives you unlimited access to all locations without arousing suspicion.

There’s another reason to play darts all over the game, because when it comes to trophies you want to collect and show, Watch Dogs gives you a bully trophy: The legion.

Watch Dogs: Legion : All Darts Game Locations

London to Watch Dogs: The Legion is divided into 8 districts, and each of them has different places where you can spend some time playing darts.

City of Westminster

Dart playing surface 1

The very first game of darts is in Earl’s Fortune. As soon as you get to the bar, look to your left and you’ll find the darts game here.

Darts 2 game scene

You have to go to the Martlet Nest, here’s a dartboard on the right wall.

Playing field for darts 3

Go to Lion’s Winter Pub, where you’ll find the darts game as soon as you enter through the door.

Location of the game Darts 4

This dartboard is in Golden Rivet, all you have to do is find the board and you will see the dartboard.

Location of the game Darts 5

So you go to the seven dials, enter the bar and look for an arch, on the left you’ll find a target.

Place Darts 6

The sixth set of darts is in Songs and Barley. Look on the left wall to find the target.


Place Darts 7

Again, you have to go to Earl’s Fortune and look to the left side of the ark as before.

Location of the game Darts 8

You have to go to Earl’s Fortune. Once you’re inside, you keep looking, because you can’t see if you’re just walking through the door. Go under the bow and turn around and you can see it.

Signs 9

For that you have to go to Food Town, this darts game is located near the stairs.

Dart playing surface 10

If you enter tomorrow’s world and find the colourful walls, you can watch the game of darts here.

Competition board 11

Go to the Golden Rivet game to get darts, you’ll find it on the right side of the wall.

Hamlet Towers

Place Darts 12

Once you are in the column that is sinking, look at the right angle and keep moving in that direction. As soon as you turn around, you can see the dartboard.

Southern wind

Location Darts 13

You have to go back to the count’s fortune and move forward again until you cross the arch and turn around to see the game of darts.

Game board 14

This will lead you to the three Hawker Boys, go under the stairs and you’ll find a dartboard.

Place of the game Darts 15

Again, you have to go back to Martelet’s Nest, here’s the darts game on the right wall.


Dartsite 16

This time you have to go to Xcess, where you’ll find a wall next to the recreation area. The darts game is played on him.

Upcoming Darts 17

When you return to the Golden Rivet, you will find a set of darts on the wall on your right hand.

Place Darts 18

It’s in a brand new place, because this time you have to go to the European treatment centre and find the hall. It’s a room with large speakers, inside there will be a darts game.

Upcoming Darts 19

Go to Bockstown, look for a ramp, and you’ll find a dartboard.

Place of the game Darts 20

Again, your task is to enter the Golden Rivet, but this time the darts game is on the right wall.

Nine waves

Upcoming Darts 21

The last game of darts takes you back to Martlet’s Nest, you have to check the right wall.

These are all the places you need to visit to find the darts game in Watch Dogs: Legion, they will literally guide you through the city, so it is best to remove all roadblocks in each neighborhood beforehand. You also need to check everything you can about watchdogs: Legion looks at our Vicky on Gsmer Tweak.

That’s all you need to know about darts in Watch Dogs: Legion

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