Now you’re probably wondering if the gameplay is different from Watch Dogs 2. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Each unique facet of its predecessor has been improved, along with additional features such as the ability to maneuver cars, park along the city skyline and the various dialogues that dictate the start of the campaign. The monotony of a spy mission usually decreases with some missions that seem to have the same goal, but the action generated by each scenario is really useful in a large-scale operation. While the story will continue to evolve as part of the restructuring of DedSec, the combat and gameplay process will remain largely unchanged, with some minor differences between the members of the pirate group.

Collecting a number of long-range weapons in the hope of attacking the enemy from a distance, secretly hiding behind an Albion agent and destroying him, or sowing chaos in the streets to divert attention, is all part of a mania, that of the Legion. I’d almost compare it to what happened to St. Rowe. From his serious roots to the almost unheard-of demonstration of his former self. You’re tired of enemies that can come in droves. It’s just alarming if you have to run as fast as possible using self-taught methods, but also some of the most innovative and unique things I’ve seen so far in the series. With a mix of your hacking and Parkour skills you can easily escape on foot.

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But of course, there are always car thefts. Jumping into a car and increasing the distance can also increase the desired status. The higher your status, the more Albion will follow you. The Legion uses a leveling system that is almost identical to that of RPGs and changes the player from spy to adrenaline junkie. These labels are awarded on the basis of your experience at each meeting. Physical remote attacks develop power-tourists, while a spy allows you to improve your technical skills in order to hack faster. Deadly attacks on the shooting range, such as pistols and weapons, remain virtually the same throughout the title, but can be used in different ways, depending on the model. Even if you can’t recruit all the members, you will start relationships with some of them in the hope that they will get information.

Permadeath, or not Permadeath, will be evaluated. If a character is defeated but has a disability, he will only be arrested. But if the permadontist is in office, you lose that member of your party. The Legion’s attention to detail is astonishing, and the lively cityscape reflects this feeling of driving through the busy streets of the English capital. My only catch is the lack of depth in the details of his figures. We really have an idea of the warehouse lines and the cheap design, but it’s all part of the name, which has infinite variations, so I can appreciate the effort put into it. Some filmmakers provide the excitement they desire, while others look for humorous and warm moments to break the ice.

Overall, the Legion of Watchdogs is an incredible extension of its predecessor. Watch Dogs 2 is still my favorite in the franchise, but the Legion has made a promise. It is a period of constant growth as we move into the next generation of games, and with equipment capable of high performance, we are confident that we can take this franchise to the next exciting level. The potential he has to enchant an audience with the Legion only scratches the surface of what one might expect from his next performance. Yet the Legion is an exception. The free movement of this raid through the world of London, the power you have to control any device, the fun of driving a police car at the touch of a button, and the exciting scenarios that add to the excitement of your campaign – all together they make one of the best headlines of 2020 and a fantastic opportunity to end our current generation.

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