Clubs are a new social function that makes it easier to create a community and a wrestling unit. Clubs are more than just a secondary list of friends, they’re a way to stay in touch with other club members, see what they’ve done and send invitations to parties throughout the club.

If you don’t have a partner to work with yet, you can look for clubs that suit you.

What is a club in the legends of high season 7 Episode.

At the beginning of the 7th a new bookmark with the well known club will appear in the lobby. If you visit the Club tab when you are not yet a member, you have two options:

There are also several clubs to visit in case you want to join one of them, but have not yet decided which one is perfect for you.

How is a club organized?

If you decide to start a club, you must fill in the following options:

  • The name is, uh, the name of your club. Sixteen characters! It must also be unique.
  • Tag is a 4-symbol abbreviation for your club, which is visible to your teammates during the match.
  • The logo is a cute symbol of your club’s astonishment, which will greet you every time you visit the club area.
  • Privacy setting – This setting determines if and how people can join your club. Clubs can be made available to the public upon request, limited by account level and/or highest rank, with users only having to register by invitation. Clubs reserved for guests do not appear in the search results.
  • Keywords – Select up to five keywords that best describe the type of club you want to own. Is your club relaxed, friendly and ready for anything? Or maybe you are at the heart of this evaluation loop and need a team that works and communicates well. Mark your club accordingly.

It’s good to remember that your club’s game on the flank will match yours. If you have disabled the cross player, only users who have also disabled the cross player will be able to find and join your club.

Clubs are connected to the data center where the owner was located when the club was founded. So, all members of your club should have the same ping if they’re grouped together. You will not find clubs from other data centers on your list unless you sign up with that data center. However, you can receive invitations and join clubs at any location, regardless of your data center.

How do I search for other clubs?

If you don’t want to run your own club, you can find one. When you click the Clubs button on the Clubs tab, you can search by name, tag, privacy settings and search tags.

If the club is open or closed, but you qualify, membership is only a few clicks away! However, if the club is a member, you must apply for membership on request. The club owner and administrators can check your request by reviewing your gladiator card before deciding whether or not to accept you. You can’t look for pure guest clubs.

How can I become a member of?

Once you’re a member of the club, your bookmark becomes your new lobby! All members have access to a member list where you can invite people to the party or send the invitation to everyone online by clicking the Invite All button.

The timeline is a space where you can see the latest events in the club, such as joining the club or entering the top five in the game.

It’s very easy to gossip: You now have a special place where you can talk to your clubmates.

Miscellaneous classifications that can be assigned to club members

In order to facilitate the club’s administration, the club owner may assign the membership titles. Each layer contains the capacities of the lower layers in the hierarchy. Below are the evaluations of the club members:

  • Groan is your exam. Grunts can send and receive invitations to parties of club colleagues and participate in chat rooms.
  • Captain – Captains are talent scouts within the club. In addition to the award options, masters can also send invitations to potential members.
  • Admin – Administrators are the youngest version of the owner. In addition to the captains’ authority, the directors can exclude grunts and captains from the club, change club settings, place an ad, view complaints against club members and promote grunts to captains.
  • Owner – Default creator, the owner can do anything the administrators can do, as well as promoting users to the rank of administrator and excluding any member of the club.

Each club may have only one owner, but there may be several other ranks. If you want all your friends to become administrators, make them all progress!

Users can be kicked out of clubs, but sometimes they wait until they are in the game – or the administrators are not around – to cause problems. To let the owner and officers know that you have encountered a problematic club partner, you can lodge a complaint against a user from the club lobby. A single event appears in the calendar only for the administrators and the owner to let them know that a complaint has been made, and the administrators can view all player complaints by viewing their details in the user’s control panel. The list of complaints can be found next to the kick button.

Club Symbols

To celebrate the participation of the club members, new badges are issued to show what your club is capable of on the battlefield.

Club Notices

Administrators and owners can place an ad that generates a pop-up message the next time users log into the lobby. The latest ad can be viewed at any time in the lobby of the club.

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