Which Brand Is Better? –

If you’re looking for a laptop for everyday use, look for HP or Lenovo in the trenches. These are two companies that really specialize in laptops for consumers. Dell takes a few hits in the pool, but doesn’t try to get into the groove between his desktops, workstations and gaming equipment under the Alienware brand.

Which Brand Is Better? –

The market is dominated by a battle between HP and Lenovo with a company that has been the leading notebook manufacturer since 2007.

In early 2010, HP held a leading position and produced more than 35 percent of the product offering until 2013, when Lenovo introduced the product to the market. Market share is an important consideration when choosing between two companies, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Read on to find out one by one where each company is in the battle for the laptop.

HP vs Lenovo

For some, this is an academic exercise. Those who already have a favorite brand are unlikely to change, regardless of the information presented.

This article provides those at the fence with the most objective data so that they can make informed decisions.

With a view to purchasing Americans, Hewlett-Packard has offices throughout the country and was founded in California, where it produced commercial machines until 1939. Lenovo is from China and has overtaken many of the markets it has entered since 1984.


The depth and versatility of the product range is an important factor in the purchasing decision. The more items the company offers, the greater the chance that you will find the desired item in your budget.

Options also play an important role in creating incentives for consumers. It is much easier to think about spending more money on a device that lasts a little longer, has a better screen or works faster if you leave everything else as it is.

The variants go beyond the internal parts of the laptop, they also contain the outer packaging. By providing consumers with different materials, sizes and weights, the company can fill the niche and meet the daily needs of the front line.


Lenovo excels in innovation and product range. They offer different options for each category of requirements. If you need a gaming laptop, a chrome computer or a portable workstation, you have several options under each banner.

Check out Lenovo’s gameplay offering to see this wide selection in action.

This wide range of possibilities not only attracts a lot of attention, but also gives you the opportunity to find an exact match. If you are looking for a game-laptop, you can choose from different models in the Legion range and be satisfied with your choice. They cover several years of development, so you’ll probably find something that fits your budget.


HP offers several notebook lines, but is not able to make a real selection from these lines. If you’re looking for a 2-in-1, Chromebook, Business Portable, or Slot Machine, HP offers one or even two options.

You can get a premium with the parts of each car at a high price. This price includes both the cost of the parts and the cost of finding a box in the warehouse equipped with these parts. HP wants to be a wholesaler, and its offer reflects that.

Unit prices are expected to remain stable between two releases in a few years. Without a real option on your HP Spectrum x360 for 2-in-1 functionality, you’ll have to wait up to three years for the next model before the final price cut.

Battery life

The battery life is more than a timer in the corner of the screen, it illustrates the idea behind the balance between the components and functions of the machine.

The 2 in 1 and Chromebook models can have a battery life of up to 12 hours, but on average it is close to 9 hours. For heavy workstations and professional laptops, an autonomy of 6 to 8 hours is considered good. For a gaming laptop more than 4 hours is impressive, but you’ll find that 3 hours is normal.

The best laptops balance the power consumption of the components with the display to ensure stable performance that you don’t have to plug in before you finish your work. The laptop that needs to be connected for work is an awkward desktop computer.


Lenovo doesn’t lead the notebook world in battery life, which Dell honors with its latitude. The Lenovo Yoga C940 and Chromebook Duet are both in the top 20 notebooks on the battery life list.

This is thanks to an innovative design that maintains the airflow even in small packaging. Better air circulation means lower temperatures and less cooling.

Lenovo notebook screens are also workable, but the color fields are sometimes dimmed, greatly prolonging battery life. If you like a clear screen, you don’t have to worry: Most Lenovo notebooks have pre-defined function keys that allow you to switch from the power-hungry UHD battery to the battery while maintaining HD features.


HP Envy managed to beep in 16 out of 20 cases. This is Envy 13, a number that represents the diagonal of your screen.

If you’ve ever typed on a mini keyboard, you know what you get here. However, 11 hours of battery life when used for streaming and light social networking is not bad, it’s just not great.

Large laptops with large screens quickly start pouring juice. This has to do with HP’s desire to show one of the best components in a given configuration. One of these components offers some performance, but is also expensive in terms of resources.


This measure includes both the durability of the device and its wear resistance. It is good that the machine lasts five years before it stops, but it is also important that it can be reset several times and that it does not die immediately.

You may not be used to leaving your laptop at home, but children know they have to look for something that is brain-resistant and can survive. For those who fly a lot, the robust design also means that the journey through the meat press at the airport does not have to be at the expense of the computer.


Lenovo came out of the park with his yoga line. These light wonders are manufactured to military specifications to withstand shock and vibration. Due to the high quality of cooling and air circulation, the components can function for years.

It is much more likely that you will need a performance upgrade than that you will need to replace it out of necessity.

The IdeaPad and ThinkPad ranges feature an additional mouse in the centre of the keyboard, which extends the life of the touch screen and allows greater accuracy without a mouse or peripheral keyboard.


Again, the cost of an enlarged component requires a HP design. These large components inject heat into hermetically sealed boxes. This heat is the fall of many connections, circuit boards and knees.

Boosted software that HP uses to boot slower performance laptops and add programs that run in real time and in RAM without providing any service to you, the end user.

This combination makes it unlikely that HP will survive a period of three years.

The structures can be beautiful, but they are also bulky and replace aluminium and plastics to compensate for the weight. A solid body falls on the wrong edge and the body tears and splits.

Warranty and support

This includes all the problems you will encounter in the background. The standard warranty period, the coverage of this warranty and difficulties in purchasing spare parts and repairs are all covered.

It then explains what steps need to be taken to reach the company and how the company responds to comments and criticisms.


Lenovo offers more customer support options than any other IT company. You can be contacted by phone, e-mail, online chat or via constantly monitored forums.

Lenovo’s phone chain is quickly divided between sales, support and technicians. When a problem is reported or the return begins, an employee is assigned to contact the e-mail and a telephone number.

It’s always about customer service. There are delays and everything is lost. Lenovo may be better at dealing with the sea of commodity exchanges than other companies, but it’s still a personal experience.


The reviews on Trustpilot say a lot about it. The call to HP takes dozens of minutes to reach a real person via the phone tree. They are working on expanding online customer service, but the process remains slow and difficult.

On the positive side, if you need emergency help with an HP product, their forums are filled with helpful and connected customers who have faced the same problem and found a solution. This is a terrible sign for a company, but it is very useful for customers who need what they have paid for their work today.


Despite HP’s struggle with Lenovo in terms of market share, the quality of each device is not a real competition. Lenovo currently offers the best notebooks for every need and enough options for every budget.

Their range of 2020 game laptops also makes them a real competitor for holiday pay. Click here to find out more about the games and news you are interested in.

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