It’s 2020, the RTX 3000 series has just been announced, the PS5 is coming out in a few weeks, tons of cool games and remasters are coming out. You can be sure that the gaming community is focusing more and more on graphics and spending more and more money to play these AAA games flawlessly.

Well, among us there is living proof that 2D games are not dead, and all a game needs is a good achievement to explode in the gaming industry. Here you will find everything you need to know about Among Us and why the game, released in 2018, became popular only two years after its release.

What lies beneath us?

Why Among Us Got Instantly Popular –

Among us is a social game deduction from an independent developer called Inner Trap. The game revolves around 4 to 10 players, of which 1 to 3 cheaters and the rest teammates.

The aim of the game is very simple and clear. Team members have a lot of work to do before they’re killed. If they accomplish the task or if they manage to eliminate the impostor through contests, the teammates win. If the cheaters manage to kill all crew members until the number of cheaters and crew members is equal, the cheater wins.

The game also has other elements, such as sabotage and openings that allow cheaters to tilt the scales to their advantage. On paper, the game looks perfect. But the game took a terrible turn – and that’s a huge understatement if you ask me.

In 2018…

So, among us, first came out a mobile game with only a local multiplayer. It should be a casual party for Android and iOS. That’s the first thing the girls did wrong. With Discord, Team Speak and all the other applications on the planet, a group of players in the same space is no longer a concept if you ask me. Still, the game came out, and at the same time it had 30 to 50 players.

Designer Marcus Bromander felt that the poor publication was due to poor marketing, which was one of the factors. Nevertheless, the company was determined to get the game up and running and continued to release frequent updates and even an online version of the game with the release of Steam, which came out later.

It was difficult for the developers to update the game for two years, which probably cost them money rather than deserve it. But great things have happened for them here, and the game has continued where it left off. From the 30 to 50 players it used to play, it quickly grew to 1.5 million top players at a time.

He owns everything there was among us and makes this the most popular game in the world today:


Why Among Us Got Instantly Popular –

To understand what’s related to the popularity of this game, we will simply list the reasons, from the least effective to the most effective. First of all they are memes. r/AmongUs exploded while playing with a stream of funny crossed memes.

I haven’t followed Twitch or YouTube for a long time, so I didn’t hear the game until I started seeing the memes. If you don’t understand the context, you can ignore some of them, but with the constant spam of mem pages on all social networks, I started to get curious and finally checked what the game was about. And, you know, I’m not the only one who did it.

Who knew memes were the perfect involuntary marketing tactic?

Ideal for quarantine

Forty years has been difficult for everyone. She took us away from the people we love and put us alone in our rooms. Although quarantine has been lifted in several countries of the world, it is still far from normal and we can no longer communicate with our friends as we used to do.

While other games allow you to play with 3 or 4 other friends, we have a 10-person lobby that ensures that none of your friends are left behind. This is a great game that you can play online and locally with your friends.

Compatibility with all

We’ve got everything you can do, from the iPhone to the Samsung fridge, period. As we mentioned earlier, this is a 2D game designed for fun, not graphics.

Most of us already have game settings that are good enough to handle much more demanding games than we do, but we all have friends who are not game fans, but still enjoy the habit. Even if they can’t participate in games like today’s warfare, they can still play among us and their friends.

Among us are also iOS, Android and Steam. The game can be played for free on smartphones, but costs $3 to $5 on Steam, depending on your region. There is also a hacked version of the game that runs on separate servers. Cross-Game is possible on all platforms mentioned above. Even a cracked version of the game can be compared to the official Steam servers.

Continuous update

Why Among Us Got Instantly Popular –

The Inner Slot is not a large company with hundreds of employees. The company only has three people. That’s right, I’m not… Three people. These three people published the game and updated it continuously for two years without any compensation. The game was hardly sold by Steam, and hardly anyone paid for cosmetics. The indoor slot machine kept the game up to date for another two years.

We have a game that had fewer than 100 players at the same time and had to quickly upgrade its servers to accommodate over a million players. It’s an achievement that deserves a standing ovation. Any sensible developer would have left us months ago. But thanks to their efforts to keep the game relevant, it caught the attention of the Twitch banners, which I’ll talk about later.

Popularity of Twitch

The indoor slot probably owes its success to Chance Sodapoppin Morris, a twitch streamer that ranks 27th for most platform fans. It was broadcast among us on Twitch, and the game exploded instantly on that platform.

Banners like Shroud, Ninja, Tfue, J9, Skadoodle have jumped into the game and people love it. The chance to see their ten favorite streamers scratch and bite their necks is a source of entertainment like no other. The monkey sees what the monkey does. People go straight to work. The number of players increased immediately. And the rest is history…

What now?

Due to the popularity of the game, the developers have announced that there are two of us. There are no details on how this will differ from the game we have now. But if you look at the way the inner laziness tries to do something people like, it won’t live up to high expectations.

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