Wrong frame

Wisp is one of the most elegant drawings and it is fun to play with war pictures.
It comes with the best running motion and transition animation of the game and can be customized for tank, shoo and defense.
Wisp is the first legless war cell model, making it constantly floating above the ground and invisible in the air.
At the time of writing this article Wisp Prime Warframe was not available.
Let’s see why a lot of players love Warframe Wisp so much.


Date of exemption May 2019
Submitted by . Update 25.0
Public Health 100 (300 on the 30th place)
Shield 75 (225 in 30th place)
Armor 175
Energetica 200 (300 on 30th place)
Sprint speed 1.20
Polarities Madurai, Vazarin
Will have polarity Naramon Paul

With Volt Prime,
Chroma Prime, Sarin Prime, Ivara Prime and Barouk, Wisp has one of the largest energy pools of all warframes in the game, with a range of 200 energy at 0 and 300 energy at 30.

The Wisp Signature Weapon (a specific weapon associated with a specific war frame or companion)
is a bang. When in use, the animation is reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds in the alternative mode.


Coating (liabilities)

Here the passive capacity is a cover for her and her companions when she is in the air.
The beach jacket makes him invisible to the enemy until he lands or fires.
The beauty is that the ability to be invisible is not affected by the blows of melee weapons!
Allows Wisp to use melee weapons while he remains invisible.
While the coat is an active will-o’-the-wisp and emits energy particles depending on the chosen energy color.

Water tank (1st capacity)

Wisp Warframe Guide And How To Get Wisp

You can choose between 3 types of containers filled with coils to use the bar and its allies.
There can be up to 6 active Pod tanks with a range of 5 meters.

Vitality Mote increases health to the maximum and heals over time.
Increases maximum health by 300 and restores 30 health conditions per second.

Haste Mote allows you to increase the speed of movement and attacks on the 1. (Warframe 7th position) are activated.
Increases motion and melee speed by 20 and burning speed by 30.

Shock Mote stuns nearby enemies who have been dropped on Grade 2 (Warframe Grade 14).
stuns up to 5 enemy units within 15 meters with chain lightning, with 10 electrical damage and 100 chances to stun the enemy.

Tip: The use of multiple shock engines can be very effective during a defence mission.

Wil-O-Wisp (2nd capacity)
Wisp Warframe Guide And How To Get Wisp

Creates a spectral copy of the light to confuse and distract enemies by hiding you and your companion from the eyes of the enemy.
Activate again to return to the initial position. Hold the image faster and teleport it to the desired position when you release it.
The clone is able to open doors and pass spy laser barriers without activating them.

Tip: The passage of laser beams can be useful in spy missions for teleportation and for crossing barriers.

Splash water (3’rd capacity)

Wisp Warframe Guide And How To Get Wisp

Irr light creates a size opening that causes an explosion of energy that causes aggressive sparks within a radius of up to 18 metres from the point of deposit.
Enemies in the combat zone are blinded by light for 7-16 seconds and have a 10-second chance to ignite a spark that can hit the heads of nearby enemies.
Killing blind enemies has 100 chances of firing a spark from a spike.

A peak in the breakthrough tank teleports Wisp to its location and gives a bonus of 200 to the breakthrough area.

Tip: The solar beam from the solar welding port (see below) is 100 times more likely to cause a spark each time it hits the surface.

Floor door (4th capacity)

Wisp Warframe Guide And How To Get Wisp

Opens the portal to the sun to generate 40 meters of sunlight
The beam has infinite penetrations against enemy bodies and inflicts up to 1500 heat and radiation damage every 0.5 second!
Wisps are immune to attacks from this ability.

The reservoir moons reinforce the Saul Gate:
Life: Causes 25 percent more damage.
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! 100 Influence of change in corrosion state : Causes 25 percent more damage.

You can increase the damage up to 200 by maintaining the fire with the increase in energy consumption, but it also slows down the speed of the strand by 50 when you increase it.
Sol Gate consumes 12 energy per second when active and 24 energy per second when active and remains active until the Wisp runs out, or you can turn this capacity off by pressing capacity key 4 again.

Tip: While the ability to be active can be complemented by energy orbs, the energy of the mysterious, anger and adrenaline hunting mode.

How to obtain dwarf frames with subdued light

The main design and component drawings were acquired after the defeat of the robot’s boss on Jupiter.
Ropalolist is a huge bird pattern that resembles the flying Aidolon.
To unlock the battle of the boss Ropalolyst, you must first unlock Jupiter and then complete the Chimera Prologue.
The prologue of the Chimeras can be accessed directly from the Codex as a chapter of the New War post-Sacrifice quests.

Chassis, neuropsy and system drawings have a chance of falling by 25.81, while the head drawing has a chance of falling by 22.56.
The victory over Ropalist also rewards one of the five amalgam fashion trends.
You can also buy a built and ready to use Wisp Warframe on the market for the price of 325 platinum.

Production requirements

The most important requirements for drawings and parts are as follows:
Neuropathy: 15,000 credits, 300 hexenon, 2 tellurium, 950 plastics, 2,200 polymer bundles, 12 hours
Wisp Chassis 15,000 credits, 500 hexenon, 1 argon crystal, 700 oxy, 2.750 alloy plates, 12 hours
Short circuit systems : 15,000 credits, 400 hexenon, 2 nitrate extracts, 950 rubedo, 10,000 rescues, 12 hours
Wisp Warframe : 25,000 credits, neurology, chassis, systems, 3 Orokin cells, 72 hours

Note that all parts of the Hexenon drawing,
Corpus need a source that all enemies or stolen caches and UAV extractors can only buy on Jupiter.
Nitrate extract is easiest to get at the Nightwave Cred Offering Store for 15 credits.
Argon crystal is also found in the Orokin Void and Murder,
missions, but note the decomposition time of this source before it disappears.
Tellurium is also a rare essential component for neuropathic drawing, and
is obtained from daily connection prizes or a mission with Grineer Sealab tiles such as Uranus Ophelia Survival.

Wisp Warframe Guide And How To Get Wisp

Collection of unwanted events
Wisp Warframe Guide And How To Get Wisp

This package costs 655 platinum and includes

  • sensible
  • his autographed Fulmin light rifle.
  • Sirocco kawata armor
  • Alternative Gaotian helmet
  • 3-day loans and trophy rewards


Wisp was the first warframe designed with absolutely unique race, sprint and roundtrip animation.
However, if he squats, aims, fires a cannon arch in a ground fight or withdraws from a mission, he always uses standard animation.

Wisp flexible animation set (50 platinum)
With the purchase of this set you can use the Wisp flexible animation set with a warframe of your choice.

Noble Wisp (50 Platinum)
Noble Wisp Animation Set If you buy this set, you can use the Noble Wisp Animation Set with a warframe of your choice.

Whisper arrangements

Power for speed and force

This drawing uses only two shapes!
Two mods – Augar and one mod – Bounty, which is good if you need speed in capture and farm missions.

Wisp Warframe Guide And How To Get Wisp

Mounting forseries

They are also two shapes that are more than double shielded compared to the high-speed design and the 175 series.
It has less efficiency and cost, but almost the same power.
It is best to use a coloured coat because it can stay in the air longer when it is invisible.
Wisp Warframe Guide And How To Get Wisp

Slow increase for a duration of
Wisp Warframe Guide And How To Get Wisp

These are 3 forms of assembly, which have a duration of 152, a lower efficiency than the first assembly, the same range of 100 and about
less thickness 234.
Good construction that makes use of Wisp’s properties to extend its service life.


The Wisp is the 40th. Warframe and a very nice addition to the game.
She can be a big fan, controlling the crowd, defending tanks or betting, depending on your
preferences and personal style of play.
Wisp may be hard to make, but I like to play with it and I think it fits perfectly in any tennis arsenal.

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