Yakuza: Like a Dragon Mini Games Guide

In this yakuza: Just like in the Dragon mini-game guide, we will introduce you to the different mini-games you can play with the Yakuza : Like the dragon. The Yakuza not only capture the amazing Japanese culture when it comes to their common theme, but also bring one of the most important things in the game for which this culture is famous – the mini-games that the Japanese like to play in their spare time. This guide will help you find all the minigames you can find in the game and also how to complete them.

Minigames Guide – Yakuza: Like the dragon

Our Yakuza: Just like the Dragon mini-game guide, you’ll find everything you need to find and play the different mini-games in the game. Yakuza: Because the dragon has a long list of minigames, we have described them all in detail below.


To play shogi, you have to find a homeless man north of the homeless camp. Not only will it play with you, but you will also be able to play score games, challenges and puzzles. Shogi is similar to what we call chess, but it comes with its own set of pieces.

Can Search

Can Quest is a stage, and it’s highly doubtful you’ll miss it. During this activity you have to collect banks while cycling in the homeless neighbourhood. There are other collectors next to you, so you have to take them out and steal their cans and eventually win with energy drinks.

Seagull cinema

Chaika Cinema is located on the corner of Ijin Street, from where it leads to Otohime Land. Here’s your goal to stay awake so you can watch the whole movie. The sheep will try to put you to sleep and you should try not to fall asleep.

Swimming centre

If you need a baseball game, go to the MIRAI Butting Center in the northwest of Ijinko.

Cabaret hostess clubs

There are two cabaret hostess clubs in Yakuza: Like the dragon. One of them is related to the mission of the main plot, and you will visit it in chapter 5. Bar Lin Hostess is located in Ijin Street and is a Chinese bar hostess. The second, named Rose Blossom Cabaret, is in the red light district, on the same street as Otohime. You can go to these cabaret clubs and mingle with the different hostesses over dinner. You return the HP and MP to your allies.

Arcade Centres

There are two slot machine centres in Yakuza: The dragon and the dragon both have different games that you can play in your spare time. One of them is in the northeastern part of Ijincho. Located at the end of Chinatown, it offers three games, including Virtua Fighter 5 : The latest show, Space Harrier and Super Hang-on. The second lock center is located in Turkame Alley. You can reach him from W Central Street by going to Hello Work. It features arcade cars for Virtua Fighter 2, Out Run and a fantasy zone.

Karaoke Bar

There’s only one karaoke bar in the game, and it’s at the Survival Bar. You can only open this panel by unlocking it in advance during playback. Keep playing the main story and you’ll unlock it eventually.

Richie Mahjong

Mahjong goes back to the Yakuza: Like the dragon, there are two places to play mahjong. First of all you will find Mahjong Lemon, which is located south of the Korean city. It is located in the basement, and you will find some low level games. If you want to do high aerobatics, you can go to Vista Mahjong, which is located on Feast Street in Chinatown. Both locations offer a unique Mahjong experience.

onabara vocational training

At Ounabara Vocational School you can take various professional exams and improve your personal qualities in Ichiban. It is located northeast of Jinnai station. Go to the center of the map and you’ll find it easily.

Dragon cards

To unlock this mini-game, you must first reach the stage called Welcome to Dragon Kart! This stage lights up automatically when the activity is started for the first time. You can start in the basement by going to Hamakita Park, which is located in the northeast of Ijincho. Fill in the first bottom, then you’ll have access to several cups you can participate in and win races. The cups are unlocked when you enter the main story of the game.

Business Administration

Once you’ve reached Chapter 5 of the game, fill in a subdirectory called the Ijincho Safety Net, which introduces you to the world of investment. In this way you can invest in new companies and earn a lot of money in the long term. There are many small activities in this company, such as recruiting new employees, training these employees and dealing with shareholders. You can start this activity by going to your office, which is located above the Ichiban pastry.

slot machines

No yakuza is complete without slot machines and just like the dragon, the dragon is no different. These are free DLCs for Yakuza: Like the dragon, and to access the game, you must first download them. Once you have downloaded the DLC, go to the AIP on Isezaki Road and you can play Pachislots.


Gambling is one of the hardest minigames to unlock in the game. There are two arcades in the Yakuza: So does the boss, but you have to unlock both first. The very first one is at the bottom of the stairs of the cube deck. Look for the stairs that lead to Kink’s Pharmacy. Make sure your reliability level is 4, otherwise the guys on the stairs won’t let you through. The second gambling brothel is hidden in the casino’s men’s toilet, which is next to Breakwater Drive. You must have your style on level 4 to access this entrance to the game room.


Go to a bar called Bee on Bayside Street, north of Jinnai Station, and play darts.


If you want to play golf, there is a golf course on Kinka Street, northwest of Jinnai Station.

These are all mini-games you can find and play Yakuza: Like the dragon. If you need extra help with the game, you should read the manuals below.

Manual for locating the hairdresser’s statue

That’s the end of our yakuza: It’s like a miniature dragon guide. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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